Much ground stops hair old age outstanding certificate, welfare “did not”?Authorities have responded. Let the parents know

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Respecting the old and caring for the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.Nowadays, the aging is more and more serious.About 180 million people are over 65 years old, accounting for 13 percent of the total population.By 2025, the number of people aged 65 and above in China is expected to exceed 210 million, accounting for about 15 percent of the total population.Therefore, the state is now paying more and more attention to the problem of supporting the elderly, and giving more and more “welfare” to the elderly population.For example, in China’s endowment insurance, elderly people without income can rely on their pension to maintain a normal life after paying the endowment insurance.Moreover, China will usher in the 17th increase of pension in 2021, and the overall adjustment level will be 4.5% of the monthly per capita basic pension of retirees in 2020.In addition, according to relevant documents, 2022 will usher in the “18th growth”.Meanwhile, the old age allowance system has been established nationwide to provide cash subsidies for the elderly.The highest centenarians in Shenzhen can even get 1,000 yuan a month;Thirty-one regions, including Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Jilin and Tianjin, offer subsidies of varying amounts.At the same time, China also provides advanced certificates for the elderly.According to the national regulation, the elderly as long as 60 years old, you can be registered permanent residence seat or permanent residence for the elderly preferential card.It is reported that the elderly with this card can enjoy a number of “free” treatment.For example, in Shenzhen, holders of advanced status cards for the elderly can enter different public places for free and enjoy preferential hospital registration.In addition, if their legitimate rights and interests are infringed, they are also offered free legal advice.In Beijing, senior citizens with advanced certificates can enjoy priority services when they pay fees, register, check and take medicine in hospitals, and they can also enjoy exclusive benefits when they take public transportation.In Shanghai, barrier-free taxis have been introduced. In addition to some special groups, the elderly can also take such taxis for free.In addition, the elderly in Guangzhou can enjoy a free ride on the ground bus concessions, 60 years old can apply for.Senior citizens can enjoy half-price discounts on buses, ferries and urban rail before the age of 65, and those over 65 can enjoy free fares.And as long as you see a doctor in a public hospital in Guangzhou, you can get a discount of 1 yuan for the self-paid part of the fee.Due to different policies in different regions, some regions have more benefits, such as free access to notary offices and law firms.You can apply for this pass regardless of whether you pay pension insurance.And now, many elderly people want to get a certificate, but they heard that the advanced certificate for the elderly will be “cancelled”?Is it true?As a matter of fact, as early as December 24, 2020, Liaoning province issued relevant policies, announcing the full implementation of the suspension of “old age certificate” and “outstanding certificate” work.In addition, it is required that from January 1, 2021, all urban areas in the province will no longer handle relevant business, which means that Liaoning province has basically stopped handling elderly certificates.In addition, China’s Jiangxi and Shanxi provinces have also canceled the elderly certificate.Of course, at present, many areas of our country have not issued relevant policies, many people can handle the elderly card normally.However, many people are worried about what will happen if the issuance of old-age certificates is cancelled.Are preferential treatment and benefits for the elderly “gone”?For everyone’s “guess”, China’s social security experts mentioned, in fact, everyone is wrong.The state will not reduce or eliminate welfare policies for the elderly.Some regions have indeed stopped issuing senior citizen passes, but this is only a “reform”.The truth behind the suspension of advanced status cards for the elderly is that the original paper certificates and our ID cards are “combined”.Paper documents have many disadvantages for the elderly.Easy to damage, paper documents easy to tear, water will be damaged;Elderly people who want to take the free bus to the park for exercise must carry their certificates, which are too big to fold, inconvenient to carry and easy to lose.As a result, the senior citizen’s honor card has disappeared, but the welfare policy and preferential treatment enjoyed by the senior citizen can still be exercised.According to the information previously released by the Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the elderly can enjoy various preferential policies and handle preferential treatment matters as long as they hold the Ezhou id card and do not need to use the advanced card for the elderly.But now, with the popularity of the Internet, many areas have followed the trend and opened “online management” services.It is reported that Shandong province will implement the policy of electronic merit cards for the elderly starting from 2021, including Qingdao, Linyi and other regions.In addition, not only the local hukou of the elderly, as long as living in Shandong, meet the age conditions of the elderly can apply, the original paper certificate can also be exchanged for electronic certificates.Such, the old left out the trouble that deals with old card already, go out also need not take so much certificate, take id card to go.In fact, from the changes of social security cards and retirement certificates, the suspension of the issuance of advanced care cards for the elderly is also a product of The Times.Previously, older people needed to show a retirement certificate to receive their pension.Starting in 2021, social Security cards will be used for almost all pension benefits.The end of the advanced age card is like the old retirement card.It is not that they cannot enjoy preferential policies, but the way they enjoy them has changed.Therefore, the preferential treatment and welfare of the elderly has not been cancelled, there is no so-called “zero”.It’s just a “service suspension upgrade” to better provide preferential services for the elderly in the future.Moreover, as the country’s economy gets better and better, it is believed that more and more benefits will be provided to the elderly population in the future.