Nanchang County: Lotus bookstore popular “book fragrance” in the New Year

2022-06-26 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the Lotus Bookstore in Nanchang ushered in the peak reading, readers take advantage of the holiday time is abundant, have entered the library, enjoy the joy of reading.Although the lotus Bookstore in Nanchang county opened in the morning, there were already a lot of people queuing up to read books. Quite a few of them were regular customers, and some readers came to borrow books almost every day during the Spring Festival.The Spring Festival, full of the smell of books, has become a new way for many citizens to enjoy their holidays.Readers Zhang Wen in the Spring Festival holiday, came to the Lotus bookstore reading to enrich themselves, I feel very happy, here also to the library staff to say thank you, thank you stick to the post for our service.We here is the public service window, the public during the Spring Festival holiday came to our lotus library we feel very honored, to provide quality service for readers, let them enjoy the fun of reading, we feel very happy.