Cangzhou 14 projects won provincial Anji Cup award

2022-06-27 0 By

Reporters recently learned from the municipal Construction Industry Association, 2021 Hebei Province construction project Anji Cup Award (provincial quality project) evaluation results announced, our city haixing County “four museums and two hospitals” construction project phase I project (cultural center, cinema, digital cinema project) and other 14 projects on the list.It is understood that anji Cup is the highest award of construction industry quality in Hebei Province, which is organized and implemented by the Provincial Construction Association. On the basis of municipal quality projects, it is awarded once a year.The construction projects applied for Anji Cup are new (expanded) construction projects that have been completed and accepted and put into use, covering public buildings, residential projects, industrial transportation and water conservancy projects and municipal garden projects.This award is voluntarily declared by the construction enterprises. On the basis of the strict recommendation of the municipal construction associations, the project quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, public supporting facilities and other technical indicators are comprehensively assessed, and finally determined through the preliminary review of the participating projects, re-examination of the project site one by one, evaluation committee evaluation, public publicity and other procedures.In addition, the enterprises of our city have won 2 provincial Anji Cup award projects in other provinces and 5 provincial Anji Cup award projects in other provinces.(Reporter Yang Jichao) Source: Cangzhou Daily follows Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.