Chinese actor Liu Haocun is facing a backlash from netizens for his role in “Four Seas”

2022-06-27 0 By

The hit film “The Four Seas” should be a strong contender for the Spring Festival box office with the box office guarantee of Shen Teng and the investment of 300 million yuan. However, the pre-sale box office of “The Four Seas” has fallen short of expectations due to the negative comments and boycott from many netizens since its premiere.Investigate its reason stems from the majority of net friends to the heroine Liu Haocun’s resistance, Liu Haocun has been good to surprising resources, although it is a novice but has begun to show its edge.But in Liu Haocun show business shine on the other side, is Liu Haocun’s mother fault disabled Chen Tingting, not only that but also maliciously do not fulfill the obligation of compensation, resulting in the little girl did not get timely treatment for lifelong disability.It wasn’t until Liu haocun hit the big screen in 2018 that he transferred the compensation, which was six years late, to Chen’s parents’ account.Liu haocun’s mother even said on the live broadcast originally did not want to apologize, the matter has now not apologize seems to be no good.That’s why Liu haocun is facing a backlash from netizens who don’t want him to be able to bask in everything.Resources may bring temporary convenience, but morality and unworthiness ultimately make you responsible for your actions.What do you think of Liu Haocun?What do you think of the box office failure of Four Seas?