How dare the US teach China how to fight the epidemic when it is so serious?Zhao Lijian wrote back

2022-06-27 0 By

China’s epidemic prevention work is widely recognized as a global example, and many countries are learning from China in formulating and carrying out epidemic prevention plans and work.Over the past two years, China’s achievements in epidemic prevention and control have attracted worldwide attention. As can be seen from the domestic epidemic data, China is one of the best countries in the world in epidemic prevention and control.On the other hand, the United States has nearly 76 million confirmed cases and recorded 1.483 million new cases in a single day on May 11.Yet in the face of hard evidence, the United States has taught China how to prevent disease.Epidemic prevention work is to teach Chinese to do in the United States, the U.S. state department spokesman had said at a news conference this month in 27, China is now on the question of epidemic prevention makes us worried, the American government has to China release note, recommend China some reasonable and conforms to the scheme, epidemic prevention needs and diplomatic practice to provide the reference for the Chinese government.According to US media reports, the US mission in China has asked the US government for permission to “withdraw” from China, so it seems that this is just to sell the Ridiculous US plan to China.Some Chinese netizens said it was as if the United States was teaching us how to play table tennis.”China is the safest country in the world.We hope the US side will respect the facts and abide by China’s epidemic prevention policy.”How dare the US say that?The us is facing a severe epidemic, with the number of deaths and infections rising day after day, and even a “mountain” of corpses in New York and other places.Huge numbers of bodies lie undisposed in crematoriums, where crematoriums are even more scarce than ventilators.Can’t the US government see this?Obviously not. The United States knows better than anyone how bad and disgusting its quarantine work is, but it must learn to lie through its teeth for political gain. This is the nature of American politicians.As Pompeo famously put it, “lying, cheating and stealing are the glory of America’s progress.”Obviously, “No gains, no gains” is the most appropriate phrase to describe the United States. Why did the United States suddenly propose epidemic prevention measures to China?At first glance, it looks like the US is “reminding” China, but in fact, the US wants to discredit China’s epidemic prevention efforts and pave the way for further rumors and slanders against China.We have known the face of The United States for years, and the hostility in these words is intuitive without thinking about it.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu