Huining local opera online broadcast

2022-06-27 0 By

During the Spring Festival, Huining County Huangmei Opera Troupe has kept pace with The Times, offering people a taste of opera culture through mobile phone screens in the form of live broadcast by Douyin.The theme of the live broadcast is “Our Chinese Dream · Culture into thousands of People”.During the live broadcast, the young actors of Huining County Huangmei Opera Troupe participated in the performances of classic Huangmei Operas such as Little Dictionary shop, Couples Watching the Lamp, lady’s son-in-law and so on, which pushed the atmosphere of live broadcast to a climax again and again.Up to now, the troupe has aired more than 20 consecutive shows, attracting 832,000 views and 11,558 million likes.According to the introduction, the combination of local opera culture and modern Internet live broadcast, the old opera on the “new” stage, promoting the development of opera art inheritance, expanding the coverage of cultural benefits to the people, for huining County to implement local opera revitalization project to broaden the way.(Qian Xukun zhang Yue)