Joint venture low price family MPV, independent large 6 seat design, cheap and fuel saving, real shot Buick GL6

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# Buick GL6# Speaking of MPV cars, many car owners will self-evident think of Buick GL8, reputation and appeal, with the level of despair only exist, almost no one can match.Perhaps the only thing that can defeat it is itself.Today, we are talking about buick’s compact MPV, Buick GL6, inherited the excellent quality of GL8, comfortable atmosphere space, rich configuration and affordable, take a look at it next.Buick GL6 2021 323T light hybrid Interconnect Noble version of the family front face design, shield profile straight waterfall type intake grille, flying wing type logo, embedded abstract C word taillight, very brand characteristics.Chrome trim is added to make it more delicate, with a penetrating front enclosure and tusks.The lamp set is equipped with daytime running lights, automatic headlights, headlight height adjustment, headlight delay off.4 meters 692 length of the body, the posture is very imposing, undulating turbulence of the waist line, more dynamic.It has a width of 1 794 meters, a height of 1 626 meters, a wheelbase of 2 796 meters, and an independent design of 6 seats.The aluminum alloy luggage rack on the roof has certain practicability.The front and rear 225/50 R17 aluminum alloy wheels, double five-spoke design, very stylish and dynamic.The big taillight of multilateral round horn, have manner very much.The tail, which is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom, looks like a stack.The rear surround design is very simple, with small taillights on both sides and in the middle, making it more dexterous and not monotonous.Electric rear door with location memory function.Buick GL6 2021 323T light hybrid Internet Exalted version of the new family style design, stack up one layer, simple scattered at random.The decorative board with texture texture is very classy.Floating 10.25-inch dual LCD screen, strong UI information technology,It is also equipped with navigation road conditions, road rescue services, bluetooth, CarLife, CarPlay, Internet of vehicles, OTA upgrades, voice recognition control system, Wi-Fi hotspots, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, parallel assistance, 4 airbags, front and rear parking radar, reversing image, cruise control, etc.Leather multi-functional steering wheel, comfortable grip, support up and down adjustment.Buick GL6 2021 323T Light Hybrid Connected Premium Edition Cabin leather + imitation leather seats, layout 2+2+2.The main driver’s seat is electrically adjusted 6-way, and the copilot’s seat is manually adjusted 4-way, with heating function.The brown textured seats are more classy, and the sides of the body are symmetrical, making the ride more pleasant.It also has a panoramic skylight that can be opened to increase the lighting effect in the car.The second row of free-standing seats are equipped with armrests that can be moved back and forth and the backrest Angle can be adjusted. Rear air conditioning outlets and power ports are equipped in place in front of the seats.The design of the third row of space seats, just for two people, with armrests on both sides.The seats in the second and third rows have inverted folds.The maximum capacity of the trunk is 1521L, which can fully meet the daily household needs.Buick GL6 2021 323T Light Hybrid Connected Premium version uses a 48V light hybrid system, equipped with L3 1.3T turbocharged engine, has 163 HP, 230 N.Meters of torque, transmission system 6 gears self-integrated transmission, top speed 190km/h, NEDC integrated fuel consumption 6.1L/100km, tank volume 45L.Chassis front McPherson type independent suspension, rear multi-link type independent suspension, front and front drive, ready weight 1525kg, full load weight 2005kg.Buick GL6 currently has 3 models on sale, the whole series standard with 1.3T48V light hybrid power, the price is close to the people home in place, interested car friends, you can go to pay attention to.