Menggong town, Xinhua County: New Year’s greetings to the grass-roots police injured on duty

2022-06-27 0 By

Police Officer Liu Dengwen.Massachusetts moment loudi February 7 – (correspondent YangLin) on February 7, the New Year starts, xinhua Meng Gong town party committee, deputy secretary, mayor liu, secretary of the party committee member, politics and law Qin Zhenchuan condolences to police station Meng Gong wounded policeman at the grassroots level on business for intrepid wounded policeman Liu Dengwen highly sure, during the Spring Festival in the post,The grassroots police who protect the peace of the party extend New Year’s greetings.Liu Dengwen, xinhua Menggong police Station, male, 41 years old.In the execution process of a task on the eve of the Spring Festival, in the face of the malicious attack of the target firewood knife and stick, Liu Dengwen is not afraid of life and death, courageously forward, with the cooperation of other colleagues, successfully uniform the object, he was injured on duty.Liu Dengwen was injured after the organization did not put forward any requirements, still stick to the post.For its selfless dedication, no return, heroic spirit, Meng Gong town Party committee and government highly praised, and encouraged meng Gong grass-roots police to continue to maintain high morale, to protect the safety of Meng Gong continue to struggle.