Beiliu city forestry high quality development conference and forest long system work conference held

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On the afternoon of March 22, beiliu city forestry high quality development conference and forest chief system work conference was held.Mayor, city forest chief Hua Haide stressed: to strictly observe the bottom line of forest land, effectively strengthen the protection and management of forest resources, accelerate the quality and efficiency of forestry industry, promote high-quality development of forestry and the implementation of the city forest chief system work.Participants first watched and listened to the yulin High quality forestry development conference and forest chief system work teleconference.Yulin city after the meeting, zhuhai held a meeting and then work deployment, China Hyde speech at the meeting pointed out that since last year, the city comprehensive build long Lin, science to promote afforestation, biodiversity protection, forest steppe resources regulation and the forestry industry development, achieve good results, but there are still some problems and the insufficiency.Hua Haide stressed that all levels and departments should effectively improve the political position, with the determination and tenacity of stepping stone to leave a mark, grasping iron has a mark, effectively carry the “responsibility”, the “mountain” management, the “forest” protection, focus on transforming the advantages of forestry resources into development advantages, economic advantages, accelerate the high-quality development of the city’s forestry.We need to make clear our thinking, highlight key points, advance afforestation and increase green efficiency in a scientific way, firmly grasp the main task of land greening, and work hard to expand green quantity, improve green quality and enhance green efficiency.We should strictly observe the bottom line of forestland, comprehensively strengthen forest supervision and rectification and forest resources management and protection, step up the investigation, investigation and investigation of illegal use of forests, speed up the restoration of illegal mapping and greening, prevent and control forest disasters, strengthen the protection of terrestrial wild animals and plants, and improve the system of natural protected areas.We should promote the development of the forestry industry with the thinking of the whole industrial chain, accelerate the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the forestry industry, vigorously develop the panel furniture industry, forestry ecological tourism and health industry and the undergrowth of forests, plan for forestry carbon sinks, and strive to turn ecological resources into green economic wealth.It is necessary to strengthen measures, consolidate responsibilities, strengthen professional training, establish a long-term supervision mechanism, increase publicity efforts, and ensure that all work is effective.Liang Chunfeng, the standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and vice Mayor, reported on the high-quality development of forestry and the promotion of the forest chief system in 2021, made specific arrangements and arrangements for the next step, and put forward work requirements for land rectification, homestead reform and other matters.City leaders Pang Lixin, Zhong Weixin, Lv Ji also attended the meeting.(Chen Yujun) statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: