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The majority of passenger and freight drivers friends: the safe operation of passenger, freight and dangerous goods transport vehicles is an important guarantee for the stable development of social economy.Drivers are busy and hard, work heavy task, great pressure, do a good job of driver safety education, improve law-abiding awareness, is an important part of preventing road traffic accidents.With the arrival of passenger and freight peak, the frequency of driving increases, which greatly increases the safety risk.To this end, we hope that the majority of drivers bear in mind the following points: first, always tight safety string.Safety is life, safety is efficiency.Road traffic safety is related to economic development and social stability, affecting the happiness of thousands of families, the majority of drivers as an important participant in road traffic, be sure to always tight safety string, consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, with civilized and standardized traffic behavior to jointly maintain road traffic order, prudent driving, civilized driving.Two, please abandon bad traffic habits, civilized driving bus.Before driving, drivers should promise to do “five no two ensure”, that is, do not overspeed, do not overdrive, do not fatigue driving, do not answer the phone, do not turn off the dynamic monitoring system, to ensure that passengers wear seat belts, to ensure the safety of passengers.In case of heavy traffic, do not forcibly overtake vehicles, do not open “gas” car.Three, highway driving to abide by the law.When the vehicle is on the highway, we must pay attention to control the speed, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle, pay attention to observe and watch when changing lanes, open the turn signal in advance, confirm safety and then change lanes.In case of rain, snow, fog and other bad weather, to do a good vehicle inspection in advance, can not be forced on the road.Remember highway safety rules and put safe driving first.Four, resolutely overcome the fluke psychology, put an end to overspeed overload driving, fatigue driving, no license without a license on the road and other serious traffic violations.Drivers engaged in long-distance passenger transport continuous driving more than 3 hours to stop rest, in case of excessive fatigue accident.When driving on the highway, you should use your seat belt according to the regulations and keep enough space between you and the car in front.Fifth, enhance social responsibility, strictly prohibit drunk driving.The traffic illegal behavior of drunk driving seriously endangers the safety of people’s life and property, and the society is extremely harmful.Traffic police department will further increase the investigation and punishment of drunk driving traffic violations, always maintain high pressure situation.The majority of driver friends should enhance the sense of social responsibility, form the behavior habit of “don’t drink when driving, don’t drive after drinking”, while refusing drunk driving, take the initiative to dissuade others not to drink driving, and form a good atmosphere of social supervision and public opinion.One person travel family read, a safe family photo.I sincerely wish the majority of drivers a safe trip!Wish you and your family happiness!Jinzhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment February 2022 (Huashang Daily Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue)