On the second day of the lunar New Year, Hou Youyi revealed “what I learned at my grandmother’s home”

2022-06-29 0 By

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year. Many Taiwanese politicians have posted articles to share their feelings.Hou Youyi, mayor of New Taipei City, revealed today (2) noon that “going back to his mother’s home” is the most anticipated moment of his childhood. This precious memory in the bottom of my heart taught him the value of simple and simple life, but also laid a foundation for the enthusiasm to pay.Hou said that when she met her colleagues in the municipal government recently, she also remembered the time when she went back to her grandmother’s home as a child.Every year on the second day of junior high school, my mother would take them back to my grandmother’s house by bus. On that day, many Cousins would also come back. There were 40 or 50 people in the family.Adults chat greetings, children play together, very lively.He would follow a year back grandma, she sent the errands, such as the most often do is strip peanuts, peel good a tin can (t) in the corner of salary, pay labor after get feedback, and his best opportunity to earn pocket money, together with a red envelope money gather together a gather together, go to buy “chuo chuo le”, take brand and play with the brothers and sisters, the chance to earn a little pocket money.Although I will “hand in the public library” in the end, I am looking forward to the feeling that I won the prize and the bit of time I spend with my family, so that time passes by with laughter, and IT is more practical than that.As for the reunion moment back to grandma’s house, Hou Youyi said, when the meal was served, the children all stood beside the bowl and ate. There were no big fish and meat on the table, but the simple fried rice noodles, radish fish balls and ball soup were the taste of grandma’s house. The simple pleasure was still carved in my heart when I grew up.He said the values he learned during his childhood when he and his mother visited his parents’ home were simple, down-to-earth and rewarding with some effort.Under the foundation of such values, we can forge ahead with goals and firm beliefs in life. We can work together with more people who work silently to make Taiwan better and let our children grow up in peace.# # Taiwan