A number of engineers resigned after the “secret join” honeycomb energy, Ningde times urgent

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Ningde Times (300750SZ) has filed a lawsuit against its competitor Honeycomb Energy for alleged unfair competition. The case will be heard in the Intermediate People’s Court of Ningde City, Fujian Province, this month.Regarding this matter, ningde Times related staff replied to the Reporter of China Times: “The case is currently going through legal procedures, the company has not responded to the specific situation.”Shanghai ShenLun lawyer at hai-long xia in an interview with the huaxia times reporter said: “the core technical personnel is the enterprise cost a lot of resources and time out, once the loss will be a big loss for the enterprise, not only will be an adverse effect on the core competitiveness of the enterprise, also has the potential to rivals.”Nine workers joined the beehive energy, according to several judicial documents between 2018 to 2019, ningde nine times after employee leaves his post, has joined the macro enterprise management consulting co., LTD. Wuxi day and baoding hundred million new consulting services co., LTD., and the nine workers previously served as director of engineers, manufacturing engineers, and in the era of ningde market commissioner.The company’s legal representative is Yang Hongxin, who is the general manager of Honeycomb Energy. In addition, The registered address of Baoding Yixin is the same as that of the Baoding branch of Honeycomb Energy.Ningde times believes that Baoding Yixin has a relationship with Honeycomb Energy, and the behavior of the nine former employees violated the confidentiality and non-competition Agreement signed during the tenure of Ningde Times, with the intention of joining Honeycomb Energy to serve its competitors in a hidden way.It is reported that Ningde Times has filed a labor arbitration lawsuit against the nine employees in the local labor dispute arbitration committee, asking them to pay a penalty of 1 million yuan each, a total of 9 million yuan.The restriction of competition referred to in the Labor Contract Law refers to the restriction of competition clauses stipulated in the labor contract, intellectual property right ownership or technical confidentiality for the workers who have the obligation to keep the trade secrets of the employing units.The laborer may not hold a post in the employing unit that produces the same kind of products or engages in the same kind of business within a certain period of time after the termination of the labor contract. During the period of competition restriction, the original employing unit shall make appropriate economic compensation to the laborer every month. The limitation period shall be agreed upon by the parties concerned, but generally shall not exceed two years.Xia Hailong in an interview with a reporter of “China Times” thinks:”Nine ningde former employees as a professional and technical personnel, under normal circumstances can actually contact, understand some of the technical secret of ningde era, if the nine former employee signed a confidentiality agreement with the ningde era, after leaving without permission from the era of ningde may not disclose, use relevant technology secret, or departing employees himself/herself and worked for the company all needs to assume tort liability,The circumstances are serious and may even violate the crime of infringing on commercial secrets.”Depth of the institute of science and technology Zhang Xiaorong said, the two companies as standing on the cutting-edge technology in the field of domestic enterprises, all in the struggle for the rise of local companies, market competition is inevitable, but to keep the benign competition, the current is facing a major historical opportunity, ningde lead times, and benign competition of the domestic enterprises should be orderly, consumed not malignant.At the same time, Zhang Xiaorong also believes that the departure of core technical personnel will definitely bring pain to the enterprise, which will affect the normal development speed of the enterprise in the short term, but it also reflects the unstable factors in the team. The enterprise needs to reflect the pain, improve cultural construction, benchmark advanced international enterprises, and improve the management level.In 2021, Ningde’s performance increased significantly, but soon after the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, Ningde became embroiledin rumors.According to ningde times released in January 2021 performance forecast shows that the company is expected to achieve net profit of 14 billion yuan to 16.5 billion yuan in 2021, a year-on-year growth of 150.75% to 195.52%, the highest level since the listing.Ningde times has good performance in the performance, but its performance in the secondary market is unsatisfactory.In the first week of the Year of the Tiger, ningde Times’ share price fell to 485.06 yuan per share from 610.4 yuan a year ago, wiping out nearly 240 billion yuan in market value.At the same time, there were a series of rumors on the network platform, such as ningde times being imposed sanctions by the United States, being removed from the GEM weighting index, and falling out of talks with Tesla.Chen Chuanglian, a finance professor and doctoral supervisor at Jinan University, said in an interview with The China Times that the recent fall in Ningde Times stock price may be related to rumors and malicious short selling. Unfounded rumors may cause panic and lead to a fall in the stock price.In its February 13 at noon, ningde era WeChat public emergency release number to clarify, the statement said the recent era, there appeared a series of ningde network platform of malicious rumors, misunderstanding cause market distortions, influence the corporate reputation, much ado about nothing, groundless rumors, bad nature, as the legitimate rights and interests maintenance enterprises, on February 12, 2022,The company has filed a formal report to the public security organ, and will investigate the rumor maker for legal responsibility.As the year of the Tiger lithium battery industry to open the first case, Xia Hailong said: “enterprises also enjoy the right of reputation, spreading false information to damage the enterprise reputation, goodwill and other infringement, if the enterprise caused significant losses, it may be suspected of damage to the crime of business reputation.”On the first day after the rumor was refuted on February 14, the stock price of Ningde Times began a sharp correction, with an increase of 3.68%. The closing price was 508 yuan/share, and the stock price returned to above 500 yuan. The trading volume of the whole day was 196,300 lots, and the transaction amount was nearly 10 billion yuan.On February 15, Ningde Times shares continued to rebound, up 3.74% at 527 yuan/share.According to a research report released by Citic Securities on February 13, the fundamentals of Ningde Times are still strong. In terms of market share, in 2021, the company’s global and domestic market share will be 32.6% and 52.4% respectively, keeping the world’s no. 1 position for five consecutive years, and its leading position is expected to maintain.Soowu Securities pointed out that Ningde’s business is mainly in Central Europe in the short term, and the technical and material resources are not dependent on North America, so the change of Sino-US relations has little impact on ningde. Ningde’s cost advantage exists for a long time, and its profitability is very strong and it is expected to maintain its profitability in 2022.Changjiang Securities believes that ningde Times share increase, energy storage explosion accelerated expansion, in 2022 Ningde Times accelerated capacity expansion, earnings gradually repair, and low valuation, the company is expected to meet the inflection point.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn