Are the Knicks out of the playoffs?The Cavs have a lot of room to adjust!

2022-07-01 0 By

The knicks vs. Cleveland cavaliers have encountered two defeats, situation is very bad, and the past is lost five foot six games, their combat effectiveness, team this time no insider, including Allen and cuttino mobley cause a downturn of the team’s defensive stability again, they are now above for transfers-will, I think we do have to adjust, but the effect is not too ideal,But the good news is they still have a lot of room to adjust, after all, the squad is still a complete, rotation number is more.Of course, the Knicks were defeated by the Hornets, ending a four-game winning streak, and they are out of the playoffs, so the team’s fighting strength is greatly reduced, do not rule out this game they will rest a lot of players, let more young players out to play.So in terms of mentality, this game is still the cavaliers side, and the first two meetings this season have been able to beat opponents on the road, this time in the dominant situation, the numbers look bad, but there is support for them, can watch the Cavaliers play.