Up to 12 o ‘clock on April 8, I province part of the road and toll station inspection points set up

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As of 12 o ‘clock on April 8, our province part of the road and toll station inspection point setting situation: 1, highway toll station exit and exit exit point 1.G30 Lianhuo expressway (39) Baotian section: Dongche, Taohuping, Liqiao, Shimen, Jieting, Tianshui East toll station;Tianding section: Tianshui South, Tianshui West, Excuse, Guanzi, Gangu, Panan, Luo Men, Wushan, Yuanyang, Wenfeng, Tong ‘an Yi, Dingxi, Dingnorthwest toll station;Yonggu section: Tianzhu, Anmen, Gufeng toll Station;Ancient yongduan: Shuangta, Huangyang, Wunan, Wuwei, Fengle toll station;Yongshan section: Yongchang South, Yongchang, Feng Castle, Shandandong, Shandan West toll station;Mountain linduan: old temple toll station;Linqing section: Gaotai, Wutong Spring, Qingshui toll station;Qingjia section: Qinghe, total village, Jiuquan toll station.2.G22 qinglan high-speed (4) Dashanchuan, Huining, West Gongyi, Chan Kou toll station.3.G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway (8) Baiyin West, Baiyin East, Gaolan Toll Station;Liubai Section: Wujiachuan, Xindun, Xiangquankou, Wangjiashan, Liuzhai Ke toll station.4.G75 lanhai Expressway (11 区) lanlin section: Jingping, Jianzui, 3shili Pier toll station;Linwei Section: Huichuan, Weiyuan, Yujing toll station;Weiwu section: Lianfeng, Zhangxian West, Zheyang Mountain, Minxian, Meichuan toll station.5.G1816 uma Expressway (7 lanes) Jingzhong Section: Zhenglu, Jingtai South Toll Station;Kanglin Section: Sanjiaji, Guanghe, Hezheng, Linxia toll Station;Linhe Section: Shuangcheng Toll Station.6.G2012 dingwu high-speed (4) Jingtai, Temple, Dajing, Soil gate toll station.7.G8513 flat cotton high-speed (4) Tianshui North, Sanyangchuan, Qinan, Anfu toll station.8.G0611 Zhangwen Expressway (1) Party Village east toll station9.G3017 wujin Expressway (4 lanes) Wuwei North, Equipment Park, Water source, Jinchangdong Toll station10.G7011 10 days high-speed (5) xiaochuan, Cheng County, Dian Village, Yanguan, Tianshui town toll station.11.S17 Ayong Expressway (2) Jinchang, Hexi Fort toll station.S14 Longwei Expressway (2) Longxi, Shouyang toll station.13.G69 Silver Highway (4) Qingshuibao, Shanchengbao, Huanxian South, Tune toll station.14.S65 Suhang Road 1 (2) Jinta South, Dingxin toll station.15.G568 Lanyong Road (1) Sanjiangkou parking area.16.S34 Shuangda Expressway (1) Hanji toll station.S55 Beixian Expressway (4 lanes) jiudun, Wuwei East, Hongyashan, Minqin East Toll Station18.S38 Wangxiahe Expressway (2 stations) Wanggetang, Xiahe Toll Station19.G3011 Liuge Expressway (1) Aksenan Toll Station.S60 Xihui Expressway (1) Old Junpo Toll StationIn addition, Qinghai province in the G6 Beijing-Tibet expressway ganqing area of the racechangyuan service area set up a return point.Local governments have set up 450 inspection points on national and provincial highways.Among them: 41 in lanzhou, baiyin in 16, 83 in dingxi, 24 in qingyang, within the territory of out 40, 55 in tianshui, longnan, 79, 16 in gannan, linxia in 25, 10 in jinchang, zhang ye in 12, 21 in jiuquan, three in jiayuguan, wuwei in 25.Among the above inspection sites, 181 were encouraged to return home and checked their nucleic acid test certificates within 24 hours.Among them, 18 are located in Lanzhou, 10 in Baiyin, 41 in Dingxi, 49 in Tianshui, 16 in Gannan, 24 in Linxia, 10 in Jinchang and 13 in Wuwei.There were 214 nucleic acid test certificates checked within 48 hours, including 21 in Lanzhou, 6 in Baiyin, 20 in Dingxi, 7 in Qingyang, 39 in Pingliang, 77 in Longnan, 12 in Zhangye, 15 in Jiuquan, 3 in Jiayuguan and 14 in Wuwei.Tips: Please know the relevant epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination before you travel, plan your travel time and route reasonably, consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid gathering, have regular ventilation, use chopsticks, and take good personal protection.