Like a goddess!Young players of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team are in excellent condition. They are the main players of Paris cycle. Learn from Li Yingying

2022-07-02 0 By

Wang Yizhu, a leading player of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team, recently updated her social media platform to reveal her current situation. “Happy New Year,” she posted (see illustration below), quoting the following words: “Fifteen days are the year!”From the photos above, we can see that the little player of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team is in excellent condition, especially the third picture shows her thick eyebrows and big eyes, and her white skin looks like a goddess coming.She famously failed to take a step further in the Tokyo Olympic cycle to become a mainstay of The Chinese women’s volleyball team on the international stage.However, we know that in The Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team, she played smoothly and played a good helper for Li Yingying. Her performance on the court also made the majority of fans have the latest expectations for her.In addition, xiaobian believes that she will have a new opportunity in the Paris Olympic Cycle, and it is not impossible to impact the main attack of The Chinese women’s volleyball team.As we all know, with the uncertainty of the return time of Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning, the attack strength of the main attack line of The Chinese women’s volleyball team has declined a lot.Liu Yanhan may not be the main force of The Chinese women’s volleyball team due to her poor condition recently, so wang Yizhu, Wu Mengjie and other potential players ushered in the opportunity.As long as Wang yizhu can strengthen the training in the first pass and defense, and improve her skills in the lower three routes, then she has a good chance to play in this year’s World League and women’s Volleyball World Championship.Finally, xiaobi believes that Wang Yizhu should learn from Li Yingying. There is not much age difference between them and they are also good sisters off the court. They contact a lot at ordinary times, so Li Yingying’s rich experience in the court can be taught to her.Xiaobian believes that Wang Yizhu’s study should be divided into three key points: First, learn more about Li Yingying’s spiking techniques. In fact, changeable spiking techniques can produce unexpected results on the field.Second, how to catch six rounds of one pass.It is necessary for a good spiker to be able to receive six passes consistently.Third, the game should put the state of mind steady.It is known to all that Li Yingying always has a big heart on the court and is never weak at the crucial moment, while Wang Yizhu often has ups and downs in her form.Do you think Wang Yizhu compared to Wu Mengjie strength?Is he better than Wu mengjie for the main force of the Chinese women’s volleyball team?I am Hong Kong chat women’s volleyball, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball, then follow me.