The Sancha Lake Bridge in Chengdu’s eastern New Area is expected to open to traffic in August

2022-07-02 0 By

On the navigation map, a small gray line marked “under construction” crosses the blue water at the southern end of Huanhu Road in Sancha Lake, in chengdu’s eastern new District. This is the Sancha Lake Bridge under construction.Reporters recently learned from the eastern New Area of Chengdu, the construction of sancha Lake Bridge has entered the final sprint stage, “under construction” will soon become “open to traffic” in August this year, filling the last gap of Sancha Lake Huanhu Road, realize the full line unblocked.Along the west section of Huanhu Road to the south, near the southernmost part of Sancha Lake, Sancha Lake Bridge across the lake, from the side, solid and upright pier support straight bridge, a new section of guardrail let the bridge like a white ribbon flying over the water.Sancha Lake Bridge is located in Dongjiageng Town, eastern New Area of Chengdu and the southernmost part of Sancha Lake. It connects the eastern section of Huanhu Road at one end and the Renshou section of Huanhu Road at the other end. It is a crucial section of Sancha Lake Huanhu Road.The bridge is 546 meters long and is designed to have six lanes in both directions.At present, the right side of the bridge has been fully connected, collision barrier, green belt, guardrail is gradually improved;The operation of continuous beam closure on the left side is also in full swing.According to introducing, as part of the longquan mountain city surrounded by forest park landscape avenue, the important link, tianfu Olympic park lake-ring road built around sancha lake, about 30.3 km, to create “in the future urban landscape circle” as the overall goal, orientation for the ecological landscape around the circle, have to undertake international marathon function at the same time.According to the general principle of “adapt measures to local conditions, flexible reservation, people-oriented”, up to now, the east section, west section, north section of the transformation project has been completed, when the Sancha Lake bridge opened to traffic, can realize the smooth flow around the lake.Chengdu Sancha Lake Bridge is expected to open in August, 30 km huanhu Road will be closed loop all the way.Email address: