Turn it upside down!Winning the title for the first time in 14 years!Six-man rotation to the end. Tough enough

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Today is the NCAA finals, so the league did not schedule any games today although this year’s finals, the two teams, there is no hot rookie but after all, the world’s purest and most young basketball feast, how can we miss it?As a famous alumnus of the University of Kansas, Pierce also came to the scene today to witness this grand event after all, the University of Kansas is the no. 1 seed, is the favorite to win, before today’s game was generally expected to Win Kansas, or even crush to win.So how could Pierce, a famous alumnus, miss seeing his Alma mater win?To know Kansas last time go back 08 of the title, chalmers absolutely flat three points at the time, help the university of Kansas into overtime, the overtime, morale in the university of Kansas over at the university of Memphis, to lift the NCAA championship at a time when the absolute, chalmers today also came to the scene, to see Alma mater of moments.Everyone was counting on Kansas, even the all-time stars were on hand to support Kansas, and Kansas pulled at this point, and pulled hemp…As the no. 8 seed of the university of north Carolina, pressurised university of Kansas has been in the first half even though circle and the Lord said two teams are not what popular rookie, but compared to the university of Kansas, university of north Carolina is the squad is the “poor” of the party, but all the way to dark horse stance, north Carolina, continuous eliminated the duke geometric strength stronger team,No one dared to believe that they can on the finals stage, more no one dared to believe that they can heat at half-time lead champion university of Kansas 15 points the story of “the dog” counter attack is often the most, the most popular, what’s more, this is a no superstar civilian team in the first half they play the best manik is just a no draft,Veteran big probability will lose five full down 6 people rotation, the main players and even have hit a cramp the still stay in the field have to say, if north Carolina can win a championship with the attitude of “the dog”, so that the jedi of the six samurai north Carolina will be recorded in the annals of the NCAA 15 points behind in the first half, according to the NCAA game,15 points should be a very, very difficult catch, right?The owners have already come up with the headline, “No. 1 seed is shit!Black Eight win, they will go down in history!”Still, there was a reason Kansas was the No. 1 seed. In the blink of an eye, a 15-point deficit disappeared.Also singing and dancing in the first half of the players, north Carolina, in the second half direct meng force put someone not meng force, leading so much in the first half, thought the title was going to come to hand, don’t say the players didn’t expect the second half of the directly mutations meng force, even ring main force mentally, blew in north Carolina, but comes back, the more injury, the team the six rotation.Had 15 points and 15 rebounds and full main insider buck, who was injured at the moment the short right already rotation, exacerbated by now be hit with players of injuries, lead to north Carolina players appeared mentality fluctuations in critical moment have missed the chance of a late equaliser, finally completed the university of Kansas fightback,Kansas won the NCAA championship for the first time in 14 years.No matter who wins or loses, this is going to be one of the most memorable games in history. North Carolina won, dark horse, emotional Kansas won, stunning comeback, defending the No. 1 seed. For the fans, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses in a fantastic finals.For players to win the natural joy, lose the one who is really too hurt his ring main don’t know that the university of north Carolina, there will be many people will stay next year, next year can continue dark horse stance but also is so, who all want to be able to seize the opportunity of this life only, but give you hope, but failed again,I mean, the frustration is a lot to cry about, just not a lot to cry about, but in any case, congratulations to KU and respect to UNC. Not every dark horse can go all the way, but if it goes crazy, it’s March Madness!Have cried, then stand up, the NCAA finals is just your starting point, but definitely not your end!