Attention | top 6 months rent free.Inner Mongolia introduced the policy of reducing rent of state-owned housing

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In accordance with the spirit of “National Video Conference on Implementing Policies and Measures for the Recovery and Development of the Service Industry”, in accordance with relevant documents jointly issued by 14 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission and the work arrangements of the Autonomous Region, in order to effectively promote the difficult industries in the service industry in the region to tide over difficulties and recover their development,The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of The Autonomous Region (SASAC) recently issued a Notice on the Rent Reduction and Exemption of Small and micro enterprises and Individual Industrial and commercial Households in the service industry by State-owned Enterprises of the Autonomous Region (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).The Circular puts forward specific requirements for the implementation of relevant policies from multiple aspects.According to the policy, in 2022, small and micro service enterprises and individual businesses renting houses from state-owned enterprises in county-level administrative areas classified as high-risk areas will be exempted from housing rent for six months.In other regions, small and micro service enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households renting houses from state-owned enterprises will be exempted from housing rent for three months.The identification standards and scope of small and micro enterprises in the service industry are defined by referring to the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Provisions of Classification Standards for Small and Medium Enterprises (Joint Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2011) No. 300).According to the notice, small and micro service enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households applying for rent reduction and exemption should provide rent reduction application and relevant certification materials (including lease contract or agreement and certification materials of lessee and actual operation lessee, etc.).In order to ensure the implementation of preferential policies, the circular makes it clear: For those who sublet or sublet soE houses, we will ensure that the rent-reduction policies benefit the ultimate tenants;For soE houses that really need to be sublet or sublet, rents shall not be jacking up in the process of subletting and subletting, so as to ensure the benefits of small and micro service enterprises and individual businesses.According to the notice, related enterprises in the district should make overall arrangements, assign special personnel to be responsible for them, timely accept the application for rent reduction and exemption, and basically complete it by the end of August.In the process of accepting applications, those who meet the exemption conditions should go through the exemption procedures as soon as possible to improve the efficiency of policy implementation;Do a good job in explaining and conciliating those who do not meet the exemption conditions.The epidemic prevention and control requirements should be strictly observed, and high-risk areas should be avoided.In addition to offline handling, rent reduction can also be handled through the Internet, letters, telephone, email and other ways, regularly report the implementation of the policy, according to the monthly statistical data, the establishment of accounts and files.”Notice” further clear, after examination, each district of investment supervision enterprises rent reduction caused by the current profit and loss impact, in the enterprise business performance assessment, will be recognized and regarded as profit added back.It is hoped that enterprises in relevant districts will raise their political standing, take the initiative to contribute to the coordinated promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.Original title: “attention | top 6 months rent free. State-owned rent reduction policy in Inner Mongolia,