Chuang Tzu: throw off all restraints and let life enjoy its freedom to the fullest

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Zhuangzi: Throw away all the shackles, let life enjoy its freedom Fully Zhuangzi Story 4 The End of the Painting Garden has brought about a colorful life for the current scientific and technological progress, people enjoy the convenience at the same time, but there are a lot of people in anxiety at a loss what to do.Therefore, people want to break through the pressure and get real freedom more strongly, “Zhuangzi Story” can bring us spiritual abundance.Zhuang Zi is a good storyteller, his stories are myths, fables, like today’s magic literature, full of imagination and curiosity, full of lively pictures.Thanks to Zhuangzi, a nation’s culture does not make people sleepy and dull.People are frustrated and complacent, often in the secular framework.Read Zhuangzi, he can always take you to a higher horizon, detached from things, swimming in the carefree.Bai Juyi said: Zhuangsheng the same things return to one, I have differences in the same way.Then happy and happy in the consistent, wong and tragic snake worm.In Zhuangzi’s wisdom, one of the essences of thought is not to be burdened by things.”All colors can blind the eyes;Five tones disorderly ear, can make deaf ears;Five turbidity mouth, can make taste defeat;Revel in prey, can make the mood frenzied;Rare goods can tempt misbehaviour.”People have a lot of unhappiness, jealousy, dissatisfaction and other emotions, a big reason is too strong material desire, want too many things.Zhuang Zhou said, “What is constant is what is agreeable.People live in the world, only a few decades, in these decades to throw off all constraints, let life fully enjoy its freedom.Everything that interferes with the freedom of life is undesirable.When Zhuang Zi returned to the state of Song, the sovereign heard of this and sent a gift to Zhuang Zi. He also invited him to become an official. Zhuang Zi politely refused with a story.He said, you look at the bull in the temple, you feed it, you dress it with silk, and you slaughter it.It was too late for the cow to want to be a free running cow in the wilderness.I’d rather be a lonely cow than be enshrined in a temple.He loved his freedom and did not want to be an official, but happiness and pain go hand in hand in this world.Later, because of his family, he went to the State of Wei to work as a lacquer garden official.To be an official again enter an official, he says he is not an official before, want to avoid namely that all block the thing of my will, I now be an official, also be to give my congenial seek a basic premise.This kind of behavior is contradictory on the surface, but unified in essence. The pursuit of freedom is from the point of view of human nature, not the satisfaction of the so-called desire in today’s secular world.If every man were to live according to his natural nature, there would be no deception, no oppression, no war, and people would live in perfect harmony.02, the fish forget the river’s lake, people forget the art.”The fish in rivers and lakes, living in the same water, seem very free, and are so close to each other.When the fish out of water, even if mutual help will end up in a bad end.The only way for fish to live free and close to each other again is to let them go back to the rivers and lakes.The only way for people to live a free and intimate life is to let them go back to nature.Fish phase forget the river’s lake, people phase forget the art.”So what is tao?Zhuang Zhou said, “Tao is really hard to understand.You cannot hear it by ear, nor can you know that the mind is not born of anything else, so it is its own root.Before there was heaven and earth, it was already in existence, and from it came all things, ghosts, gods and people.”When one begins to learn to go with nature, he will accomplish more with half the effort whatever he does.For example, about 4000 years ago, when the Yellow River was flooded with floods, wikmh gun controlled the water disasters with all his efforts.Later, With Wikstroemia directing Yu to control the water, Yu complied with the law of nature and dredged the river so that the water could flow downstream.Everything in the world has its own specific form, the best way is to let nature take its course.Artificial and nature can be perfectly combined. Zhuangzi likes everything in nature. In his eyes, whether it is an eagle soaring on the wings, a tiger with a wide open mouth, or a small parrot, they can make him crazy.When he came to Ziqing’s workshop, Zhuang Zhou felt that he had entered a beautiful world.Zi Qing that wonderful hands will be the nature of animals vivid and naive state vividly reproduced.Ziqing is a craftsman in Lu, and is famous for his good system 鐻.鐻 is a shelf where Musical Instruments such as jonghyun are hung and decorated with images of birds and animals.Zi Qing made of 鐻 is very beautiful, see people think is uncanny workmanship.The Marquis of Lu summoned Qing and asked him, “What technology did you use to make it?”Qing replied, “I’m just a carpenter. What skills do I have?It’s just a matter of refreshing.”During the first three days of fasting, I did not dare to entertain any selfish desire to honor my rank or fortune;Entering the fifth day of fasting, he dared not cherish any thoughts of destruction and honor, ingenuity and stupidity;On the seventh day of fasting, I no longer thought of limbs.At that moment, I forgot everything else.”Then I go into the woods, and observe the texture of the trees, and when I see a tree of perfect shape, I see a form of the clock frame, and then I construct it;I wouldn’t do it without it.”In this way, use my nature to combine with the nature of the trees.That is probably why my clock stand is regarded as a miracle.”In order to succeed, only by getting rid of utilitarian purposes can we enter the highest realm, completely eliminating all external interference and considerations of gain and loss, and having an empty and clear state of mind.Then enter the mountain forest, observe all kinds of birds and animals, and form and emerge their aesthetic images in their own hearts.When you do that, you create amazing works of art.Ziqing finally concluded that this process is called “harmony with heaven”, that is, “harmony with my nature with the nature of things”, because external nature exists naturally, but “my nature”, under normal circumstances, is subject to various social and natural conditions, in a paranoid, closed state.Therefore, Ziqing focuses on his process of “meditation by meditation”. What he emphasizes is to reproduce “my nature” and restore human nature through “meditation”.The development of culture is not entirely a loss of nature, and artificial efforts can sometimes achieve a natural state.In the past, Zhuang Zhou believed that “qiao” was opposite to “wu Wei”, so he advocated the destruction of all cultures created by human beings and retreated to the barbaric life of the Chuyue people.From Ziqing’s sculpture, he realized that “qiao” can also create beautiful works of undoing nature, and that artificial and nature can sometimes be united.Finally, freedom comes from nature, and the tao is to conform to nature. This is just like the carpenter’s father. According to legend, he drew circles by hand, never using rules.Draw squares by hand, never moments.And the circles and squares he drew by hand were even better than those that other artisans drew by rule.His secret is two words: finger and objectification.”It refers to the shoes on the feet. If the shoes fit the feet, the existence of the feet should be forgotten. It seems that the shoes are the feet.If you want to fit well, forget about your waist, as if the belt is your waist.So you can only control things and control things when you are fully integrated with them.”In fact, the freedom of life lies in the integration of life and external things.To obtain real freedom, we must be able to achieve a state of “pointing and materializing” and even complete and materializing with all objective things.When we’re uncomfortable, when we can’t figure things out, physically or mentally, we’re out of balance.We tend to go to extremes. It’s either/or.In fact, it can be symbiotic.For example, when the body is sick, we can actually say “peace” to the disease and treat it in a friendly way. “It” is also kind, and the disease also sends out yellow signal light to us in another way — it is time to rest and adjust. When you relax and your body is balanced, the disease will naturally recover.Interact with friends, for example, too sad, at that time the feeling of heaven and earth, dark sigh the heart, but in perspective, just different from your channel, earlier detection, wouldn’t it be better, because there is a more suitable friend waiting at the next corner, we why waste each other’s life – here and phase than in river’s lake.At the end of the day, finding friends is about finding yourself, whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, they’re all looking at themselves in the mirror.In fact, in the final analysis, we should be confidant with their own.Even if all friends are not agreeable, at least he is his confidant.What’s more, the heart lives big, within four seas all brothers, how can only own.So “cultivate yourself and cultivate others”, look inward, we have infinite energy.An individual can be a team.A group of like-minded people can also be a heart.At this time, there is no need for joy.No matter how the external circumstances, external things, can be at ease, can be happy.At this point it is true freedom.