Guangzhou Beautiful Flower Show online!It’s in this “treasure” park

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A walk in the park to see the flowers?There is a beautiful flower show in pearl River Park!The 29th Guangzhou Garden Expo and 2022 Guangzhou International Flower Art Exhibition will set up a flower art cluster of over 10,000 square meters in the Pearl River Park sub-venue offline (PS:The theme of this event is “Flower appearance and Cantonese Appearance”, which is divided into landscape installation area, Flower Bay Dream installation area and floral Works area. You can see the healing flowers everywhere in the park. Highlight 1:There is a cute tiger in the west lawn, lying on the lawn, with a full smile ready to eat lollipop.The three main entrances and exits of Bibo Zhengdu Park are equipped with three groups of large landscape installations, among which the most impressive installation of Shengsheng Gate “Bibo Zhengdu” landscape installation covers an area of about 500 square meters. The arc of the eaves resembles the body of a dragon boat. The intangible cultural heritage is integrated into the design, showing the new vitality of the old city.The Garden is inspired by Chinese landscape paintings and the core structures are presented in lingnan architectural style. There are many dreamy scenes in the lush forests, glittering flowers, phoenixes and streamlined bamboo art installations……Pearl River Park downtown treasure “small forest” is located in the CBD of the Pearl River Park is plants for the landscape theme of the city park is mainly divided into scenic forest area, shady plant area, laurel garden, magnolia garden, palm garden, lakeside area and other six main scenic spots here is very beautiful,Stone steps, cabins and lawns are just like the forest in animation movies. You won’t get tired of staying for an afternoon. Address: No. 900 jinsui Road, Tianhe District, GuangzhouWalk in the door as of April 5, enjoy spend spring limited dream-like scenery, of course, but also to yuexiu the three park luhu park luhu park was built in 1958 for is located in baiyun mountain foothill area is almost 210000 square metre, so the name “west lake” is also in the famous baiyun mountain at the foot of the luhu is pretty low in the public eye recently, luhu park bauhinia is driving too warm.Pink, white, romantic as if through the fairy tale world, overlooking the distance from the sky, as if nature overturned the palette.Address: No. 11 luhu Road, Yuexiu DistrictDongshan Lake Park, once rated as one of the eight new scenic spots of Yangcheng, is a comprehensive cultural park dominated by a lake. It was built in 1958. There are four peninsulas and two islets in the lake connected by several Bridges.Dongshan Lake islands and unique Bridges, pavilions, corridors, pavilions and pavilions constitute a picturesque scenery. Address: 123 Donghu Road, Yuexiu District traffic:Liuhua Lake Park of East Lake Station of Metro Line 6 Liuhua Lake, also known as LAN Lake, was a natural lake in ancient times and was the main inner harbor of Guangzhou. In 1958, it was built into Liuhua Lake Park, featuring subtropical scenery.Flowers every moment to take out a cellular phone records fall swamp forests of liuhua lake park is one of the “paradise” wild squirrels you can encounter in the park in the wild “of content” address: yuexiu district 100 liuhua road traffic: subway line 5 and yard last reminder during the epidemic peak travel reduce gathered themselves together, and make personal protective sources:Published by Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou International Art flower Show, Guangzhou Yuexiu, Guangzhou Forestry and Parks Bureau, Guangzhou Pearl River Park, Guangzhou Daily, new Flower City editor: Lu Kaisheng