Straight to the competition volunteer interview site!Here come the angels in white

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On January 20, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University (Zhejiang First Hospital for short) held a special interview for volunteers of hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Paralympic Games. 214 “angels in white” expressed their “feelings of Asian Games”.The interviewer exclaimed, “The best of the best!”The applicants for this interview are all from Zhejiang First Hospital. Most of them are young people who have just started their career, but there are also many experienced and senior medical staff.Although the medical staff are busy with their work, each white dress is clean and bright, and they show their advantages to the judges.After several rounds of interviews, the interviewers all exclaim: “Choose the best of the best!”Jiang Mengdi is a hospital of Zhejiang University rheumatology doctor, doctor graduated, just to Hangzhou work for half a year.She introduced her volunteering experience in front of the judges.”When I was a student, I worked as a volunteer at the Summer Davos Forum, the 6th East Asian Games and other large-scale events and conferences. During my service, I not only helped others but also gained a lot.”Jiang Mengdi admitted that the medical volunteer service was different from her student days. “I have been rotating as a resident doctor for three years, so I have the basic ability to deal with emergencies.During the competition, the most basic fever, cough and diarrhea are common ailments in internal medicine. We will deal with them more calmly.”Ms. Yao, from the department of Pediatrics, has 10 years of medical experience. While waiting for the interview, she shared her original intention of participating in the volunteer recruitment of this competition: “I love public welfare. Public welfare activities require dedication, which happens to coincide with the attitude of doctors.Zhejiang First Hospital itself has a volunteer service alliance team, and I participated in the AED first aid volunteer service during the Hangzhou Marathon.”Rheumatism immunology department doctor Liang Jun Yu, huazhong University of Science and Technology doctoral student, has won the national College Students English competition special prize, with a fluent English answer, won the judges praise.”I have been in Hangzhou for more than three years. Hangzhou is my second hometown and I have gradually fallen in love with the city.I hope to be a volunteer for the Hangzhou Asian Games and make my own contribution to the event.”Zhejiang First Hospital: Fully support and guarantee Zhejiang First Hospital is the only hospital that has joined the recruiting army of volunteers in the form of group registration.Su Junwei, secretary of the youth League committee of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, said that more than 300 medical workers applied for the interview in just a few days. After preliminary screening, a total of 214 medical workers were successfully accepted for the interview.”As volunteer service requires full participation, our hospital will also coordinate with various departments to ensure that the medical staff participating in the volunteer service can focus on nothing else.””The overall quality of the applicants is very strong.More than 95 percent of the applicants have volunteer experience in large-scale competitions or regular medical and professional services.According to Sheng Xiaojing, who is in charge of recruitment and post allocation of the Volunteer Department of The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, 60-80 volunteers will be selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games medical Special Competition through the selection of applicants’ comprehensive ability, foreign language ability, professional ability and psychological condition.”I was very moved by the feelings of the medical staff, who devoted themselves to volunteer service after busy work.”As the first echelon of the national medical team, THE First Hospital of Zhejiang University has repeatedly demonstrated the brilliance of Zhejiang in major medical security and treatment work, and also undertook a lot of security work during the G20 Hangzhou Summit.Liang Tingbo, Party Secretary of the First Zhejiang University, said, “The Hangzhou Asian Games is not only a major event that Hangzhou and Zhejiang pay attention to, but also a sports event that the whole world pays attention to. As a national hospital, the First Zhejiang University hospital will do our best to support and guarantee, and our staff of more than 10,000 will spare no effort to serve the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Paralympic Games.”Since the global recruitment for volunteers for the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games was launched on May 22, 2021, it has received positive responses from social groups and university students.By the end of registration (24:00, October 31), the total number of registered volunteers reached 321,400, and the number of approved volunteers reached 220,000.At present, the preliminary examination of volunteers for hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games has been basically completed, and the interview and selection are in progress.For those who have not received the message, please be patient.Text: Yang Yiqi Picture: Chen Shuai Editor: Li Shili Chief editor: Shen Zhijun Zhu Xiaodong Editor: Chen Yi Coordinator: Li Wen Supervisor: Liu Xuehui