The financial sector is committed to Shanghai, and SPD Bank has introduced “Article 16” measures to support winning the battle against the epidemic

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To support the epidemic ruthless people have feelings.Since March, the changes of the epidemic in Shanghai have touched the hearts of millions of people. Enterprises from all walks of life have launched heart-warming actions, and more than 10,000 people from many places across the country have rushed to help.Financial attention war “epidemic” strength, salute shou “Hu”!Come on, Shanghai!The Prevention and control of the epidemic and the smooth operation of the economy and society, the Shanghai Municipal government recently issued a number of policies and Measures of Shanghai To Fight the epidemic and Promote the Development of Enterprises.Pudong development bank, fast response, the Shanghai pudong development bank support win the epidemic war “article 16” measures “, increase the intensity of credit support, set up a special credit line of 200 billion yuan, providing direct financing channels, 100 billion yuan, to increase the availability of financial service and convenience degree, reduce costs and benefits of micro, small and medium enterprises, help to ensure smooth production and living in the city and orderly,Ensure the stability of industrial and supply chains.We will set up special quotas for blood transfusion and oxygen supply for enterprises, open green channels, and increase credit support for epidemic prevention infrastructure, people’s livelihood protection, science and technology enterprises, small and micro businesses.Meanwhile, innovative direct financing tools, such as debt financing, equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, and asset securitization, have been fully utilized to expand financing channels for epidemic prevention and control enterprises.We will implement the policy of “cutting fees and transferring profits” to reduce operating costs of enterprises, proactively deal with enterprises affected by the epidemic or suffering from temporary financial difficulties, and reduce the pressure of principal and interest repayment. Loans without principal repayment should be renewed as long as possible.To upgrade the online service of Puyiying to ensure the stability of industrial, supply and capital chains during the epidemic.Optimize online services to enable enterprises to “open accounts in the air”, ensure cash management and money transfer during home stay, continue to provide digital cross-border financial services, and carry out free trade and offshore businesses in an orderly manner.Mobile banking, online banking and wechat banking provide 7*24 hour convenient services to improve home customers’ experience.The platform provides one-stop services for enterprise employees, including reimbursement, epidemic registration, attendance and delivery.We will provide preferential loan interest rates to customers in areas severely affected by the epidemic, and realize the whole process online.”Puda Xiben” APP and remote customer service guarantee the demand of credit card customers, continue to carry out e-commerce consumption activities, and support online contactless shopping.To maintain the stability of the financial market, to respond to the epidemic and market price fluctuations, and to provide enterprises with a wealth of exchange rate and interest rate risk management tools, as well as various hedging and hedging services.Provide global market analysis, product portfolio design and foreign exchange policy consulting services online 24/7 to help enterprises improve operating efficiency and control foreign exchange risks.Ensure market – making quotations are continuous.To ensure the continuity of business, continuously refine and implement the emergency treatment plan. During the containment management in Shanghai, the team of emergency personnel was equipped to play the role of chengdu and Hefei branch centers to ensure the continuity of business.To ensure that a certain number of outlets will open in rotation during the epidemic period, and provide financial facilitation services for enterprises and residents nearby.”Disease” way forward, keep financial “Shanghai” in the face of the sudden outbreak, Shanghai pudong development bank will be in strict accordance with the unified deployment of Shanghai municipal government, explorations financial mission for the people, service the real economy of beginner’s mind, play as a state-owned enterprises in the battle of Shanghai’s financial “epidemic” the role of test, full support with financial weapon win Shanghai epidemic prevention and control of the war.This article is from the financial community