Changchun Station latest release!Is back to school

2022-07-04 0 By

Suddenly is going to school is preparing the students for tickets pack first to read the content is not late to buy student tickets correctly, can enjoy discount student ticket ordinary passenger train position half-price tickets for some 75% of the emu train coach as published fare calculation on 12306 app this information is important to note when buying student tickets, remember to check in front of the bus!↓↓↓ How to calculate the refund fee?No refund charge for tickets returned more than 8 days before starting time Ticket at bus stop 5% for tickets returned more than 48 hours less than 8 days less than 24 hours 10% for tickets returned less than 24 hours 20% for tickets Forgotten to bring id card on bus, how to do?If you forget to bring your ID card on the train, you can use 12306App electronic temporary id card to travel during the epidemic. What should you pay attention to?As the epidemic prevention and control is becoming normal, please wear masks properly and cooperate with the staff to check the temperature and scan the code when entering and leaving the station. Please present the corresponding health certificate as required by the local epidemic prevention and control department. Wish you a smooth return to school