It is more convenient for companies involved in private enterprises to ask for leave

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“My application for leave to go out has been approved!”Recently, after getting the approval of leave, zhang, the object of community correction, called the prosecutor of Xiaodian District Procuratorate of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, and promised to strictly abide by laws and regulations and relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control, check-in and punch in on time, and do his best to do a good job in the enterprise.Zhang department of taiyuan xiaodian district a company key engineering project in charge, because of the crime was applied to become the object of community correction probation.In March this year, the Xiaodian District Procuratorate and the District Justice Bureau carried out a special investigation on the situation of the community correction objects going out. Through visits and investigations, the staff had an in-depth understanding of the real business situation of the 45 community correction objects of private enterprises in the district, the situation of the judicial office going out procedures and relevant regulations.It is found that the problems of difficult approval of leave and inconvenient procedures reported by the objects of community correction of private enterprises are more concentrated.On the basis of the research, xiaodian District Procuratorate and the District Justice Bureau jointly signed the Measures on The Management and Legal Supervision of Community Correction Objects Related to Private Enterprises (Trial) after in-depth discussion, forming 14 opinions on optimizing the management of community Correction Objects related to Private Enterprises.”Work method” simplifies the involved objects of community correction please terminate his/her leave the approval process of private enterprises, opens the “green channel” enterprises staff, has been clear about the “one more” and regular cross-regional off mode, such as further simplifies the involved community correction object to apply for to the province of private enterprises to change demonstration zone, too Xin integrated economic zone, way of application and approval process.Zhang is the first community correction object to apply for an emergency outing after the implementation of the Work Measures.According to the previous regulation, Zhang had to apply for leave three days before going out, and the approval procedures were cumbersome and the waiting time was long.After the implementation of the “work measures”, Zhang was approved on the day of the application and went to the project location to deal with work matters at ease.