World of Warcraft: TBC nostalgia server, stage P3 early guide, BT requires experience

2022-07-04 0 By

TBC nostalgic clothing recently a lot of players in the world of warcraft blowing milk, milk, actually this career is really very good, but now is early P3 stage, milk really strong, but don’t really have what meaning, played with milk, players should be very clear, everyone from BBS discussion post in milk, can see come out, so what is the mean point of view,Everyone knows that cheese is a healing skill, and that’s the healing chain, and of course that’s not a bad thing to say about dairy and dairy farming.In small make up view, milk, this profession to fully, must be a good script, because the chain of randomness really is too big, small make up have their own milk, although just a little knowledge, but in the seamount archimonde best achievement is 99, reason is very simple, is playing in the water, no priest on team, also is a milk, it’s a play room.Of course, a high score in pizza requires a lot of close combat, which is also a necessary part.For other treatments, cheese really isn’t fun to play with.Now T6 group play Ben, T out of the problem, we are generally milk riding, I believe that milk riding players are very clear about this, haishan with BT small strange very much, prevent riding accidentally will die, and milk riding the main task is to let the current T not fall, in addition to BUFF, milk riding task is to add T.The reason for milk riding is also very simple, because now the group is really simple, but T is easy to pour this is also true, a lot of times it is not milk riding problem, just pure bad luck.With small make up recently followed their guild hit BT, for equipment requirements is not the main, T5 close graduation, T requirements higher, of course, the rest of the professional equipment almost no problem, even graduated from P1 phase, as long as the technician will play, is basic no big problem, and experience actually is not high also, just playing one or two times, is a normal person,It’s no big deal if you can follow directions.Most demanding is T, the better the equipment dozen month more smoothly, naturally T need more experience and better equipment can also make up for a lack of experience of experience, but few tanks in general position, general head at the time of the candidates, that part of the affirmation is to choose the best, the general also can’t bad where to go.You can comment in the comments section.