Xinzhuang Jiefang Building 1, 2 Jiefang Building curtain wall maintenance project invitation for tender supplementary notice

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This article is transferred from: Xinzhuang Morning Post: Curtain Wall Maintenance Project of Jiefang Building, Building 1 and 2, Jiefang BuildingThe original bid opening time of the project is 16:00, April 13, 2022 (Beijing time), but due to epidemic control, the deadline for submission of bid documents (bid opening time) has been extended to: 16:00, April 21, 2022 (Beijing time).Other matters remain unchanged.The supervision department of this tender project is /.Contact: Shanghai Shenwen Industrial Co., LTD. Address: No.300, 11th Floor, Hankou Road, Huangpu District Contact: Zhang Qing Tel: 13761513056 Email: (Note: this supplementary announcement is issued through the morning News website and the morning news paper newspaper.Due to the impact of the epidemic, this supplementary announcement cannot be issued through the China Tendering and Bidding public service platform, so it is hereby stated that the above information shall be synchronized.)Principal of bidding Company (Project principal) : (Signature)