Hebei Mobile: “Winter Olympics” transportation network construction documentation

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“We will reach Zhangjiakou Station in 10 minutes.”Volunteers on the special train for the Winter Olympic Games are making video calls to their loved ones to say they are safe and sharing the beautiful scenery along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway.Behind this warm picture is the rapid construction and quality assurance of Hebei mobile network.After winning the bid for the 2015 Winter Olympic Games, Hebei Mobile started with meticulous planning, lean quality and accurate acceptance, and carried out the communication network construction of the Winter Olympic Games with high standards and strict requirements.After the games are win the bid, hebei mobile precision fine plan, lean mass, acceptance, high-standard games communication network construction, combed the five big delivery mechanism, geared to the needs of construction quality and construction progress, strengthen construction management standards, to implement the “day” for the unit and the closed loop, to achieve the games are high-quality goods project goals.First of all, the main traffic lines from Beijing to Chongli were mapped, including beijing-Tibet Expressway, Zhang-cheng Expressway and Beijing-New Expressway, and the weak coverage areas were supplemented.We will closely follow up the construction progress of the Yanzhonggao Expressway, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed railway and the construction of major roads from Taizicheng to the county seat, and carry out the construction of communication networks simultaneously.The 155-kilometer hebei section of the Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing high-speed railway was completed by Hebei Mobile in just six months.Yanzhonggao Expressway is a direct expressway between Yanqing Stadium and Chongli Stadium of Zhangjiakou in 2022 Winter Olympics, which is an important transportation supporting project for the Winter Olympics.The Great Wall Ridge tunnel is the key part of the extension project, with a total length of 3.2 kilometers, divided into left and right lines, and a single hole with a cumulative length of 6,416 meters.On November 9, 2021, with the clear voice coming out of the tunnel, the Full coverage of the mobile 4/5G network has been realized in the Long tunnel of Yanjungfu Great Wall Ridge.For timely and efficient implementation of tunnel network coverage, pay close attention to mobile zhangjiakou in hebei branch tunnel construction progress, according to the wireless and transmission synchronization approach the construction way of pushing forward the construction of the network complexity, considering the road construction is difficult, plus the unfavorable factors, such as snow mobile workers choose “less traffic during the” construction at night,Laying optical cables and commissioning equipment under the condition of minus 12 degrees.The pipeline is not rushed to repair the pipeline, pipeline well can not find the point by point, a steel man continued to work, lasted 5 days to complete the commissioning of the equipment, 48 hours ahead of the expected opening time.After testing, the 4/5G network of the Great Wall Ling Long Tunnel runs smoothly.