Pressure from the top, accidental drop, quick adjustment, barbed volley, 3 goals from the front line, Liverpool reverse

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English Premier League round 26, Liverpool at home to Norwich.Due to the midweek game against inter, Klopp tactics made certain changes in the squad.In the first half, Salah seemed to blend in on the right and substitute Tsimikas missed a great chance.Second half: the accidental ball, inspired Liverpool’s offensive ability, Manet volley bicycle + Salah play goalkeeper + new signing dias goal, the first trident collective fire, 3-1 reverse win!Jurgen Klopp starting line-up: 4-3-3, vs mode starting line-up Liverpool starting line-up:1- Allison, 12- Joe Gomez, 32- Matip, 4- van Dijk, 21- Tsimikas, 14- Henderson, 8- Naby Keita, 15- chamberlain, 23- Luis dias, 10- Mane, 11- Salah, jose mourinho made significant personnel changes, the two defenders, the two midfielders all made rotation Norwich starting:28 – gunn, 2 aron, 4 – this – Gibson, the 5 – hanley, 21 – brandon – Williams, 8 – gillmor, 16 – matias – Norman, 17-23 – maclean, rasch examine, 22 – podium, 24 – sargent: in the first half Liverpool striker assault obvious advantages, high pressure, but slightly short board first. Smith says:Even if his promotion horse, against a strong team, Smith is really not afraid!He opened the game with a pose against Liverpool.Norwich had their first set-piece in less than a minute when a cross from the right was saved by Liverpool keeper Arison, who could only tip the ball over the bar.Norwich took advantage of a Liverpool loophole to score in the second minute, only to be slightly offside to disallow the goal, and it was clear that Norwich, even on the road, did not want to surrender.After tsimikas had recovered from a missed opportunity, Liverpool were on the attack and in the fourth minute salah’s cross from the inside of the box was missed by dias and Mane, but tsimikas saved Norwich from a metre in front.The commentator was speechless.In fact, this kick ball, he can use a foot bow push, even with the body can hit the ball.Salah breakthrough Salah is really outstanding ability, such ability is not only physical fitness and technology, to see him in the side with the ball to pass the movement, with the ball to pass, through, shoot, like a mix, really reflects his 120 million price level.Even if the midweek high intensity game, still does not affect his physical fitness.Liverpool scored on 37 minutes after Van Dijk’s goal, but the goal was ruled out for offside.Half – time statistics from this single data can be seen.Liverpool half how fierce offensive, they were almost over half full, can be at the top of the bottle gourd matip in implementing steals, intercept, three strikers, saleh, manet, dias almost the Norwich’s fiddling flatbeds blasting, oppression, and their high frontcourt lost the ball after the rapid on-site ball back, back is really make people praise.The biggest disappointment was that the two midfielders, Oxlade-chamberlain and Keita, did not make much of an impact, otherwise Liverpool would have been even more ferocious.In the second half:Accident, heap forward play, immediate, 2 minutes 2 ball, new signing goal again, crazy Norwich goal has been mentioned above, Smith’s the Norwich is not new, 47 minutes into the second-half, Norwich back scoring, rasch examine, cutting inside the box outside on a sniper’s shot, feet turn originally is not the best choice to the goal,Matip’s foot intercepts the ball, accidentally changing the direction of its movement and deflecting it into the net.This one, Chamberlain is a little sloppy on defense!Can’t keep up or are you not familiar with this style of play?The situation in which he missed his chances and conceded a goal to Norwich, for Klopp, was a bit of a mystery.After failing to open up the situation, he replaced oxlade-chamberlain and Keita, who had struggled in the first half, with Ciago and Origi.The substitution was clearly intended, one to control the ball in midfield and play ciago’s passing style.Amazingly, Liverpool equalised less than three minutes after the substitution, taking back control of midfield, Henderson set up the ball and Tsimikas’ header from Mane was arguably the best goal ever.However, this is not over, Alisson reproduces the world-class goalkeeper, a big foot, find salah in front, Egypt Messi, this move, stop the ball, dunk the goalkeeper, bypass the defender, and reverse, low shot, in one go!Two to one!New boy scored in the 79th minute, new boy Dias opened the kettle!Henderson’s shot is a fine line stopper, he runs out of space with speed and kicks a 3-1 goal!What a miracle!Klopp, seeing the problem, put on men in midfield and put Origi forward to give the three strikers more room to play.This adjustment can be well recorded!3-1, Liverpool conceded one goal, three against Norwich to keep up the chase on Manchester City.At the end of the day, inter coach Pippo Inzaghi said: “You can’t play against Liverpool in today’s football.”Because of their speed, their intensity, their oppression is too strong!One more thing, their forwards are so good at scoring!Their defender Virgil van Dijk can play as a centre forward.One more thing: Klopp’s ability to adjust!You see weakness, you adjust, you control the midfield, you hold the ball.Use the speed of the strikers to come back and win!Fierce!