Ten beautiful and high cold goddess of ancient costume, Yang Zi was laughed at, Liu Yifei classic, she is childhood memories

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Who do you think of first when you think of iceberg beauty?Xiaolongnv xiaolongnv played by Liu Yifei is the first to think of her wearing a gauze like white clothes, still like the body in the smoke and fog, in addition to a head of black hair, white, beautiful face, elegant dust.Liu Yifei’s aunt is absolutely gorgeous!The same martial arts and high strength of the iceberg beauty and ease of Chen Wenjing in the “young Emperor” in the cold woman Chen Wenjing, is to change the shape of the ink after Xu Lian.She is highly skilled in martial arts and is calm and composed.When super like this role, martial arts high strong and cold, the key is beautiful flower ~ speaking of the role like before have to mention Dong Xuan in “Snow Goddess Dragon” as shangguan Yan called female goddess dragon, three feet wusi wind dancing, cool and beautiful, arrogant, silent, indifferent if water, high martial arts.One of the old goddesses. Thinks it’s beautiful.Ruby Lin in addition to the gentle Crape Crape, she also played before the “flying knife and see flying knife” inside the killer Xue CAI Yue intelligent Leng Yan, mother left, father is a killer, all day long from place to place, full taste of the world.After his parents died, he became a cold-blooded killer “Moon God” with the help of Leng Xiaoxing.A totally different character from Crape Myrtle. Do you like it?Speaking of the gentle crape Myrtle, have to say about the cool and elegant fragrant princess summer necessary return pearl Gege, see sweet is really picturesque beauty, beauty fates!Can not help but sigh that era of TV drama is conscience production, from the actor’s clothing to the music, all aspects of the crew conscience!Li Qin also played the role of Princess Han Xiangjian in Ruyi’s Biography. Han Xiangjian was a princess and the first beauty of the nomadic Cold Region. She had a cold personality and a strong temper.After being sent into the palace by his father, Qianlong was captivated.In addition to this, Yang Zi in “Qingyun Zhi” played the iceberg beauty Lu Xueqi Yang Zi played lu Xueqi is a beautiful, pure and refined role, when the play was broadcast, Yang Zi was also because of this role was scolded by netizens face, but at that time, Lu Xueqi is the best role she can receive.Hope little monkey purple star bright, better and better!