The first batch of 424 berths installed with an unattended parking system in Chenggong district was renovated this month

2022-07-05 0 By

Kunming kunming as well (daily Wan Ya Correspondent li) chenggong area earnestly implement the “digital yunnan” construction requirements and kunming in yunnan province “wisdom city” construction of “digital transportation” deployment, “travel” wisdom as ground action project, unattended parking system installation, the first 424 berths completed this month.Recently, Li Gang, deputy director of The Transportation Bureau of Chenggong District, introduced that in 2021, chenggong District will complete four aspects of the construction of smart transportation.In terms of parking lot networking, 114 parking lots have been connected, involving 63,365 parking berths, and the parking lot system has been connected to kunming Intelligent parking information platform.After the completion of networking, citizens can register as members of “Yunzhi Parking”, check the information of free parking Spaces released by Kunming Intelligent Parking Information Platform, and use “Yunzhi Parking” App, “Yunzhi Parking” wechat public account or “Yunzhi Parking” wechat mini program.Enjoy the whole process of parking services before, during and after a trip, such as finding, booking, sharing, navigation, insensitive payment, issuing electronic invoices and so on.Furthermore, chenggong wisdom of traffic construction projects completed high video unattended berth of construction work, the peaceful street, zhiyuan road, yuengling road, street, Lin YunYi street, blue orbs street installed 6 road 424 high video unattended berth, further enhance inside road parking garages for proper intelligent management level.Li Gang introduced that a total of 1,979 parking berths have been allocated in the district, and 424 unattended systems have been installed in the first phase. The transformation will be completed by April 30, and the unattended system will be fully operational.Citizens will be able to experience smart parking.Moreover, Chenggong Intelligent Transportation construction project has also built an off-site law enforcement management system for overloading at the Interchange of Liandu to effectively limit the predatory use of overloading vehicles on the highway, improve the traffic capacity of the highway, and maintain the high-pressure situation of long-term overloading management.At the same time, in songmao Bridge sanaluminum highway monitoring installation, real-time control of the safe use of bridge infrastructure, auxiliary infrastructure management and maintenance, timely discovery and elimination of bridge safety risks, to avoid causing major accidents and personnel and economic losses.At present, the monitoring hardware facilities of lianda Interchange and Songmao Bridge have been installed and will be put into trial operation after commissioning. By June 30, science and technology law enforcement will be officially carried out to protect highway facilities and ensure the safety of people’s travel.