West road street: the party construction leads the journey of neighborhood yuanxiao

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Family reunion, celebrate the holiday season.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival of yinhu Year, the communities of Xilu street rely on the linkage mechanism of “big working committee + big Party Committee + social working Committee”, give full play to the advantages of the strength of the cadres and the volunteer service advantages of the district, carry out various kinds of activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival, and create a strong community “home” cultural atmosphere.Changfeng Community: The “Social Work Committee” joined hands with the “Three Social associations” Lekang Public welfare and comprehensive elderly care Service Center to carry out the Lantern Festival garden activities of “Joy and incense” reunion, joy and gold “, allowing residents to experience the cultural charm of the traditional festival with laughter.Lanfei Community: The “Social Work Committee” cooperated with the stationed cadres to carry out the sympathy activity of “Warmth Lantern Festival, Love to send Tangyuan”, to send festival blessings to the lonely elderly and needy residents in the area, so that they can feel the warmth of the community family.Zaolin Road community: “social work committee” joint stationed cadres, in Fengning Deshang community held our festival “happy guess lantern riddles, happy make Lantern Festival” theme activity, we actively participate in, partner guessing riddles.After the activity, the person in charge of the “social work Committee” sent festival greetings to the community cadres on duty in the community, and put their thanks and blessings for the coming year into the small dumplings.Wanli Community: The “Social Work Committee” and the stationed cadres held a social activity to commend the outstanding volunteers who made contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work in the community. More than 30 people got together and felt the intense joy of the Lantern Festival.Shuiguazhuang community: “Social Work Committee” and the resident cadres jointly carried out the theme activity of “guessing lantern riddles and celebrating Lantern Festival” in the third Best garden “Youran Pavilion”, which not only activated the cultural life of the community, but also stimulated everyone’s enthusiasm to participate in community activities.Sunshine community: “the club committee member of joint arc lian mansion in our holiday” hilarious yuanxiao guess lantern riddles Neighborhood get-together family “, “club committee member, sinking cadres, community workers, volunteers gather, xi guess riddles in the laughter, celebrate the Lantern Festival, the feelings of the influence of the traditional culture.Jiao Tong Community: “Social work committee” joint member units held a unique “joyful Lantern Festival.”Happy Neighborhood” theme activity, lantern riddles as needle, with lanterns as thread, between threading needle, set up the party and the masses of the “heart bridge”, let the residents of the “social work committee” have a further understanding and understanding.Fei Jia Ying Community:”Social Work Committee” to carry out “2022 Our Festival · Yuanxiao –” Social Work Committee “to lead the warm spring civilization practice Yuanxiao Fun” civilization practice theme activities, held covering the Party conduct and clean government, anti-drug and anti-smoking, traditional Chinese medicine, winter Olympics knowledge and other red riddle guessing activities, the Winter Olympics culture and excellent traditional Chinese culture integration,While experiencing the charm of traditional Chinese culture and art, the residents in the jurisdiction also expressed their expectations and wishes for the complete success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The volunteers of Lanzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital were invited to provide free physical examination for residents, actively publicized the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and gave full play to the advantages of the platform of “Social Work Committee”.West street will be based on “our holiday”, in “big committee + + club committee party committee” “1 + 8 + N” party building thought as leading, comprehensive build jurisdiction “club committee director + + floor stationed cadres” service network, touch resources, ask to people, claim project, distress sorrow to put forth efforts to solve problems, to further improve residents’ happiness neighborhood quality.(Source: West Road Street;Editor: Ma Yulu;Review: Niu Yulin, Dong Zhengang)