Primal god: four levels of damage, most players don’t go beyond the second level, but are content

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The king of penholder in the game makes a living by playing games every day and has been playing online games for 20 years. I have my own unique opinion. As an old player who has been playing for 10 years, if there is any problem with the article, please respray it!If you feel good, please forward some likes!Thank you very much!The original god damage level of 4, most players are not more than the second level, but very satisfied!Between 1, 1W-5W, it is a start, just the beginning of the sprout new, big recruit can have such damage is good!It’s like a single character, not a team.Let’s see who’s stronger.A person hit millions of damage, just call true god!Between 2,5w and 15w, the range is relatively large, because the damage here is the maximum damage you can play, regardless of whether you are monkey or various bonuses, but most players will not exceed this damage.Almost nothing makes me happy to do 50,000 damage.Not for a single character, unless you don’t want to crit all, which means you’ll have to meet the right geek.Between 3,15w and 30w, it is considered as the starting point of the kryptonian players, and there are usually special forces and five star roles of the key life.And monkey play!If you’re alone, you lose the reaction coefficient when you need to react with fire, water, etc., but if you’re physically stable, you lose the coefficient 1.25. With yuri’s own small superconductivity, you’re still alone.In fact, when you have five stars of these explosive skills, it is not difficult to have holy relics, normally there are more than 100,000.4-50 w, 30 w.Krypton gold player’s end, full of refined characters and weapons, hit out of the damage!For now, old players can do damage, power assist and main C are at level 90, five-star critical skills are at level 10, and four-star critical skills are at level 13. So far, only Wanye Gongyula does not have them, and all the others have them.High life all ordinary people don’t see the, the cost is too high, I now basic system, pull out after the rain have nothing want to smoke what eight heavy like the son of god, the strength is not strong smoke a zero life is just the game every day long grass, finished the thor daily fo system, more play more boring, every time anything but pull role is no, map out there’s not much more than a year,There’s no fun left. The Seven Kingdoms will be cold as hell by the time you get out.In fact, this game for zero krypton is very friendly, zhong from, line autumn, smoke haibana recently smoke hard save more than a month of the original stone, smoke Haibana is really an accident, line autumn is also.What can I not insist on 13 gold, six general character, I still insist on playing?Small month card unceasingly, big month card occasionally.