“February 14 Fund valuation” sad Valentine’s Day, The Gulen fund was removed from the list

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Today is February 14, 2022, Monday, is also Valentine’s Day.Did you spend valentine’s Day with your wife?(1) The broad market fell today.The Shanghai Composite index fell 0.98%, the Shenzhen Component index fell 0.76% and the Chinext index fell 0.54%.(2) The fluctuation of the main track is different, and the overall decline is more than the rise is less.Liquor was up 1.47%;Pharmaceuticals up 0.41%;Consumption rose 0.35%;New energy track rose 0.42%, of which photovoltaic decreased 0.57%, new energy vehicles rose 1.00%;Big financial sector today reversed the previous rally, the overall decline is larger, securities down 4.51%, real estate down 2.77%, insurance down 2.36%, banks down 2.30%.More interesting is that today, the securities giant Oriental Wealth just registered the “turn off the lights to eat noodles” trademark, the one-day drop of nearly 14%, this is really turn off the lights to eat noodles…Semiconductors fell 0.87% and chips 0.96%;China Concept Interconnection fell 1.01%;Technology fell 0.37%.Investor sentiment today: depressed today, the three major indexes continue to fall, the main track fell more or less, although medical consumption has risen, but the overall increase is general.Before the strong rise of the big financial plate today ushered in a violent blow, not small.Many investors said, It s another day to turn off the lights and eat noodles.Why should we care about investor sentiment?Sentiment is an important contrarian indicator.A mature investor must be firm in his investment philosophy, keep his head clear, and always be ready to overcome the irrational mood of the market (investor sentiment).Because: when the mood is very excited, is often the market peak signal;When the mood is very desperate, it is often the market bottom;Most of the time the market is sideways when the mood is low or flat.1. Caught off guard!Grenn fund by alipay list “delisted”?Recent period of time, pharmaceutical plate fell endlessly.But the broad base of the people not only did not kill, but the mood is high.According to the weekly sales list of Alipay fund last week, CEIb Healthcare, managed by Gulen, topped the list, with more than 300,000 buyers in a single week.This week, however, Alipay “removed” Gulen’s China-Europe Healthcare from its list.From the latest list, the current number one is Tianhong Wynn Bonds.In this regard, Ant Wealth said: “We choose the ‘weekly sales ranking’ in the list, which is the objective data of investors’ subscription in the dimension of weekly. Recently, with the market volatility, investors began to allocate more robust fixed income and fixed income + products.”Ant Further said: “The golden List is committed to selecting funds that are relatively excellent in the long run and have excess returns on the track of balanced allocation and industry and style, but the returns in the short run are still largely dependent on market fluctuations.We encourage investors to hold for the long term, but also advise investors to give patience, do not bet on the track, and pay more attention to balanced allocation funds.”Under the news, Wangshu saw an interesting comment: “Gulen should be responsible for this era.”And a lot of people are calling Grenn names.In fact, it is understandable that everyone lost money by buying Grenn’s fund and cursed to vent their emotions.However, as an industry theme fund, short-term volatility is relatively large is understandable.After all, a-share retail investors account for A high proportion and are easily affected by irrational factors.2. What happened?February 11, that is, last Friday, the bond market greeted a huge shock.The 10-year yield jumped 6bp to 2.80%;Treasury futures fell across the board, with the main 10-year contract down 0.44 per cent.This led directly to the withdrawal of a large number of bond funds.On February 11 alone, more than 3,400 bond funds fell, accounting for nearly 80%, according to Wind data.Among them, the decline in more than 1% of nearly 70.Remember, this is a bond fund, which has returned just 5% over the past year.From the perspective of possible reasons, the bond market sell-off may be related to January credit data “strong start.”On the evening of February 10, the People’s Bank of China released financial statistics for January, with credit and social finance both exceeding expectations by a wide margin and both hitting one-month record highs.This news directly led to the rise of wide credit expectations.And lead to many institutions have reduced the interest rate debt.In this regard, fund companies generally believe that the “good start” of the credit association data shows the initial effect of wider credit, but whether it is sustainable still needs to be observed.Overall, as the market adjustment, the bond market investment opportunities may slowly appear.Fourth, February 14, 2022 fund valuation broadcast (189) At present, the overall market is undervalued, the market is slightly differentiated.Sse, GEM and CSI are all undervalued, while SHENZHEN Component Index is reasonably valued.Look by industry.Consumption affected by pig enterprises, net profit in the third quarter of negative growth, resulting in a very high valuation, the current is not a good opportunity to intervene.At present, medicine is undervalued, but under the influence of “intensive mining”, the profits and valuation of medicine are suppressed, and the short-term trend is hardly optimistic.In the long term, medicine has great prospects and is a very good track.The Internet is currently undervalued, the Internet third quarter earnings decline, but due to the “payment of the new rules”, “Internet announcement of the new rules” and other effects, the Internet stock price was beaten, two offset, gai back to underestimate the state.Looking ahead, the Internet is still facing policy pressure, so there is still some short-term pressure;But the Internet is China’s dominant industry with strong competitiveness. In the long run, there is no need to be too pessimistic about the Internet.Semiconductor is currently undervalued, but with the recovery of supply chains in various countries, China’s semiconductor industry is facing increased competitive pressure, short-term market sentiment may be affected;In the long run, the development of semiconductor industry is greatly affected by the game between China and America, and the development progress is uncertain.Although new energy is in the correction, but the current valuation is still high, and the emerging industry is uncertain, ordinary investors do not recommend large positions to participate.However, these two sectors are greatly affected by the economy. At present, the global economic growth is under certain pressure, so it is unknown when the industry will rebound. For investment, it is suggested to prepare for long-term holding.Securities are currently undervalued, but in the long run, the brokerage wealth transformation business is still facing uncertainty, so the medium-term performance of securities can not be predicted;Short-term bo valuation repair, pay attention to the risk;Real estate is in a state of undervaluation, the margin of safety is high, but the growth of the industry in the next three to five years is worrying;The risk premium ratio of CSI 300 is within a reasonable range, and the cost performance of investing in bond and stock markets is comparable.