King of Glory Year of the Tiger February new skin schedule 2022 latest skin Revelations

2022-07-07 0 By

What new skins are coming for King of Glory in February 2022?Spring Festival skin, glory collection skin these are online on January 31, which can be bought in January, this time to provide the new skin in February, January Spring Festival skin so much, There is usually not too much skin in February, specific skin can be broken down to see.King of Glory February new skin schedule 2022 has been exposed basically out, only valentine’s Day skin has not come out, but Valentine’s Day originally came out on February 14, the new skin is close to this time of skin, Will be online in February, as for the hero has been revealed before,This valentine’s Day skin is Yao and Yunzhongjun, skin level may be:Yao legend skin skin yao legend + + “epic” legend yao + “epic epic skin skin first may be the biggest, skin should also first valentine’s day last year, two epic online before the temporary lanling king skin to legend quality (so evaluation is very poor effects to see no legend).The two heroes in the sentiment give yao legend, the skin will be more suitable for the second furnace was almost out of legend leather in 2021, was a legend leather + star legend to out together, as for the reason of the failed online also understand, but just give up yao legend certainly it’s too bad, auxiliary king of popularity, female players to buy basic skin all willing to give up,So the final yao skin should also legend on the line.February 14th is Monday and the game will not be updated on Monday. In this case, it is expected to be maintained on February 8th or 9th, and then the skin of Valentine’s Day will be released on Friday or Saturday of that week. The time will not be too far from February 14th.Don’t watch the other skin launched in February, the Lantern Festival convention no new skin, have the Spring Festival series will separate out part of the online during the Lantern Festival, but this is all out of the skin so the Lantern Festival will not launch, other is no holiday, and 6 yuan the skin also is on the day of the New Year’s eve online, in February, nature will not continue to kill the skin,So there’s a high probability of two skins in February.As for whether there will be other skins in February, it is not easy to say. The skin returned this Spring Festival is Rumeng Ling, not the skin of God Beast series speculated before, but this series will definitely be returned this year.In addition, there is a large probability of new skin in March, mainly on March 8, this “goddess Festival” is more likely to give a new skin.