List of scenic spots announced!Dalian citizens birthday free tour

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About dalian citizens free swim engineering scenic spot announcement of the list of the birthday in accordance with the dalian municipal people’s government on the printing of dalian municipal government focus on people’s livelihood “projects in 2022 notice (big ZhengFa [2022] no. 4), the city culture and tourism and regional cities and counties (open the forerunner area) culture and tourism administrative department communication and coordination,The following state-owned A-level tourist attractions actively participate in the free tour project of the scenic area for citizens.Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park 2. Dalian Forest Zoo 3. Dalian Bansdo Hotel scenic spot 4.White Jade Mountain Scenic Spot, Lvshunkou District 5. East Jiguan Mountain Scenic Spot, Lvshunkou District 6. Jinshitan National Tourism Resort, Jinshi Culture Expo Square (except EX Future Science and Technology Museum) 7.Jinshitan National Tourism Resort Jinshitan Botanical Garden 8.Jinshitan National Tourism Resort Dalian Binhai National Geopark 10. Daheishan Scenic Area 11.Changhai small shuikou forest park scenic area above commitment do: all the citizens of dalian (dalian city household register personnel) on birthday is my identity card to the scenic Tours can enjoy free admission (except non-state venues) scenic spot is favorable, the birthday information on the identity CARDS shall prevail, one peer dalian hukou () can enjoy half-price tickets for tickets.The event runs from February 20, 2022 to February 19, 2023.Specific matters are subject to the actual publicity of the relevant scenic spots.Hereby announce.Dalian Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism February 15, 2022 Source: Dalian Published editor: Cui Taoran