Novel Coronavirus test positive for Prince Charles’ wife

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According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has reached 412,213,783 and the total number of deaths has reached 5,818,108 as of 22:22 Beijing time.America: the United States produce false will be coronavirus testing station fraud to steal personal data according to Singapore’s lianhe zaobao reported, the United States because of the dense gram si variant strains, lead to a surge in cases of the, the people will be coronavirus detection requirements so rise, but multiple states warned that appeared on the place where a lot of false fraud and theft of personal data will be coronavirus testing station.In recent weeks, the attorneys-general of New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Florida, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Colorado and Washington have reportedly closed or prosecuted novel Coronavirus stations in their respective states.

The drive-through Novel Coronavirus Station at the Alemany Farmers’ Market in San Francisco, California, provides testing services to the public.Photo: China News Service/Liu Guanguan
“Across California, a number of novel Coronavirus stations have sprung up, designed to steal the family and personal data of our testers,” California Attorney General Bonta said in a statement last month.The report said operators of the stations may want to obtain personal information such as credit cards, driver’s licenses and social security cards to steal their identities or make illegal online purchases.Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, has tested positive for coronavirus and is currently in self-quarantine, foreign media reported Tuesday.Prince Charles is currently in self-quarantine after testing positive for a novel Coronavirus infection on 10 February. This is his second novel coronavirus infection.Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (C), Camilla (L), wife of Britain’s Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, attend the National Armistice Day ceremony in London, Britain, Nov. 10, 2019.Germany will end most of its coronavirus restrictions in March as infection rates decline, according to a draft official plan, AFP reported.File photo: “2G rule” sign outside a bakery in Berlin, Germany.The draft document approved by Germany’s federal and state leaders says “extensive restrictions on social, cultural and economic life should be phased out by the start of spring on March 20, 2022,” China News Service reporter Peng Dawei reported.The number of new novel coronavirus cases in Germany surpassed 240,000 on Monday, according to data released by the German Disease control agency.As of Today, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Germany has exceeded 12 million.South Korea reported 54,619 new cases in a single day, more than 50,000 new cases in five consecutive days, and more than 230,000 home treatment cases.Kim Mi-kyung, wife of presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo, has been diagnosed with COVID-19.Seoul National University professor Kim Mi-kyung, wife of Ahn Cheol-soo, presidential candidate of the People’s Party, was confirmed to have COVID-19 on Wednesday.”I feel very guilty as a husband.”Ahn, who had to cancel his trip on Wednesday due to his wife s diagnosis, returned to work after his nucleic acid test was negative.South Korea’s presidential election will be held on March 9.Japan’s new champions league home spa patients first more than 500000 people Surged more than 100000 people a week integrated media reports, 14, Japan’s health ministry said that as of the local time 9 zero, Japan for infection will be coronavirus and the rehabilitation of patients that occupy the home, 543045, a record high, this is the new champions league home spa patients for the first time, 500000 people.The novel Coronavirus variant of the Omicron strain continues to spread in Japan, according to reports.In Japan, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized at home surged by more than 100,000 in the week following the second day.Among Japan’s 20 autonomous prefectures, the utilization rate of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients exceeded 50 percent on Monday, including 80 percent in Osaka.According to NHK, 60,142 new COVID-19 cases and 148 deaths have been reported in Japan as of 7:30 p.m. Monday.(Source: