Qianlong ordered the investigation of the “corrupt” governor, but soon returned all his property.Why is that?

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In those days of imperial power, it was so easy for the emperor to dispose of a person, sometimes without reason.There were many courtiers who died of injustice because of the emperor’s pride.In the fifth year of The Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the last feudal dynasty in China, such a thing happened.The incident is a little long, and listen to the small officer slowly.In the first year of qianlong, there was a case of “taking a false identity” in Fujian Province, involving wu Tongsheng, but this was not his real name (his real name was He Chengyu).He first paid to change his name and then took part in two consecutive martial arts exercises, but failed.But this wu Tong undead, and think again, as a result on the examination room was then zhangzhou governor Wang Dechun caught a current.In the Qing Dynasty, cheating in the imperial examinations was also seriously dealt with.So to deal with this case, Wang Dechun discussed with Wang Shiren, then a salt Courier of Fujian province, and Lu Zhuo, fujian governor, how to deal with it.Strictly in accordance with the law of the Great Qing Dynasty must be dealt with, but the rules of the official game also led to a lot of room for activity, so the three opinions are not unified.Wang Shiren advocated serious handling;Wang Dechun felt that there were no serious consequences, not to let him take the test on the line, do not need to deal with.As the governor of the final decision of Lu Zhuo was “irrelevant stop”, that is, nothing important, stop.The case, which had already been settled, was turned over four years later by Wang Shiren, who was promoted to fujian governor.Also because of this turn, dragged out the next series of events.Wang Shiren looked up the case, found that Wang Dechun did not deal with Wu Tongsheng because wu Tongsheng privately bribed Wang Dechun a lot of silver.And Wang Shiren and Wang Dechun have always been with, so the opportunity of revenge he must be seized.Mention the pen, is a play, directly to qianlong there.Qianlong also did not wait, directly ordered the then Governor of Fujian de Pei to investigate the case.This depei is also a nimble master, not only wang Dechun check bottom son, but also found out that Wang Shiren embezzled 1000 liang of silver four years ago.This was reported to Qianlong, who was extremely angry.Wang dechun was immediately sentenced to death, reprimanded wang Shiren, and ordered Depei, the governor of Fujian, to raid Wang Shiren’s home in Fujian and exile Wang Shiren.Wang Shi Ren knows he bribed Wang Dechun how also can not escape, can only be punished obediently.Later, Qianlong did not intend to simply let go of wang’s official duties.Because qianlong period, the atmosphere of officialdom can be calculated.So when you finally catch an embezzler, it’s necessary to set up a model.As a result, Wang shiren’s hometown in Shandong province became a target of Qianlong.The governor of Shandong, who received the imperial decree, immediately raided Wang shi’s hometown in Shandong province and finally found that all the property amounted to 5,000 taels of silver (all the movable and immovable property added up).When Qianlong received after play, immediately aware of something wrong.Because, according to the official income at that time, even if Wang Shiren was not corrupt, he would not only have this wealth, just say that when he was the governor, wang Shiren’s salary for a year was more than 10,000 taels of silver.Qianlong knew he had done it hastily, but what was done was done.If again big fanfare check, Qianlong’s face is really lost.Therefore, Qianlong’s solution was to deal with the matter quietly, no further investigation and no further investigation, and quietly returned the property of Wang Shiren’s hometown in Shandong to his family, and the case of Wang Shiren ended there.This seemingly messy corruption case, after all, no one is innocent.Wang Dechun took bribes and demanded bribes without much to say, and Wang Shi ren came to choose compromise in the face of Wang Dechun demanded bribes, and his revenge is also very heavy, character needs to play a big question mark.The only thing that is possible is the disposal of qianlong.For more exciting content, check out the little historian next door