Strong push: “peach blossom tears, three days of the city” just see a few chapters on the love, writing amazing into the pit do not regret!

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Hello everyone, I am Wofan. Recently, many book fans have been asking what novels are worth recommending to read due to the serious shortage of books. Wofan, as a bookworm, also feels the same way!Now every day for everyone to choose high quality and high popularity of the classic novel, no pro test, absolutely classic not vulgar, let you have a good time!Look good, remember to collect, no longer afraid of book shortage!Today recommend to you: strong push: “peach blossom tears, three days of the city” just see a few chapters on the fall in love, writing amazing into the pit do not regret!The first: “get rich through the farm farm door little female classics” author: Cangshan negative snow introduction: go out to travel encounter mountain landslide and die?A time travel to an unknown dynasty?Destitute, down and out, with an elderly grandmother, younger siblings, and all kinds of bullying relatives, what should she do?Of course it is to rise up and create a happy life!Into the pit guide: Shen Ziliang wrote a folding, yamen, tell the truth to Su Xiaohe they clarify.However, beating the drum and crying for injustice, what you get is a sentence from the yamen official. These things are related to the safety of the royal family.Shen Ziliang had to rush about for a few days to Dali Temple.Pass the paper up and wait for news at a nearby inn.Li Zhan will come to Dali Temple to examine the case today.I met shen Ziliang’s complaint paper.Originally intended to ignore, but the thought of these days, because of a batch of medicinal materials, let a lot of people were detained for questioning, there is a woman called Su Xiaohe, heard that the medicinal materials in the village can be taken a fancy to by the emperor because of this woman’s credit.At that time he was thinking about the woman named Su Xiaohe, in the end is not the woman who saved him some time ago?If it is.He could not ignore the matter.So today, he came to Dali Temple to find an excuse for the case.Look at this piece of paper, it matches the time and place of the incident with where he was injured last time.Then there’s no problem. He took the case.Li Jiagang is also implicated because of this matter, village head and Su Xiaohe are summoned for interrogation.Shen Ziliang wrote to clarify, but also went to the Dali temple, Li Zhan happened to pass, take over the case.(click below for free reading) second: “Prince I have” author: night dance, music song introduction: Ling married the right leaning eunuch?The people of the whole country are discussing, this is really a tender white vegetable to arch pig!Ling Shengge wedding day sitting in the bridal chamber hu Eat haisai, heard the sound of the door she grabbed the red cover to block the face.Some eunuch into the new chamber, see Ling Shengge that informal sitting no origin of the heart ripples.Guide into the pit: “Doctor Xu, crazy brother how?”The name made Dr. Xu’s mouth twitch slightly.”There are internal injuries and trauma, trauma can slowly heal, internal injuries can only take medicine.”Ling Shengge knew that so many people hit a 10-year-old child also under so heavy hand injury is not light, but hear Dr. Xu’s words or feel very uncomfortable.In her heart, Dongfang Ji is a child, so small suffered so much.Now also suffered a serious injury, do not know will affect the long body.After sending Xu away, Ling Tao’s three men, Ling Dong, Ling Nan, and Ling Bei, returned to take care of Dongfang Ji.Many of them had been seriously wounded several times, and all of them had stepped into the hall of hell at one time. Injuries like Dongfang Ji were nothing to them.Ling shengge also wanted to see the Lonely East.But Ling Tao carried her straight into the house.”Daddy, I want to go see crazy Brother.””Although sheng is still young, it can not be too close to the man know?”Ling shengge was almost frightened by Ling Tao’s words and cried. Even in ancient times, men and women were seven years old, and she was only five years old.If her father had his way, would she never be able to talk to men again?Oh, my God. How do you live like this?(click below to read for free) the third: “peach blossom tears, the three days of the city” author: Tilt ink hidden introduction: strong push: “peach blossom tears, the three days of the city” just see a few chapters on the love, the writing is amazing into the pit not regret!She was the peach blossom fairy of the divine world, called Qing Cheng, is the most beautiful peach blossom tree a small petal.He carefully care, given to the human form, become the lowest level of the gods of a small fairy.He was the god of six days of the third ranking jun jun, fairy bone elegant, handsome, the son of god emperor.Guide to the pit: Small tail smiled, or so shy and kind.”You’re not dead, are you?”The sword falls from Yi’s hand, and he looks at Xiao Wei and tries to embrace her, but his arms are empty.Tail shook his head. “I’m dead, and my soul will soon be gone, as you know very well.””No!I don’t believe it!”Yi shakes her head vigorously and says in confusion, “You are lying to me. Didn’t they say that a nine-tailed fox has nine lives?How could you die?I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!””Junyi, calm down.”Koda reached out as if to pull him, but only brushed his sleeve, and then her eyes faded.”I’m leaving junyi, don’t feel sorry for me.”Small tail figure gradually shallower, she smiled to see the city for the last time.Tilt also tried to pull out a smile, but found that no matter how to pull the corners of the mouth can not smile.”Yi, I really like you, but I’d rather you forget me.”He thought he would be happier if he forgot about her.The tail rose slowly in a green light, then dissipated slowly.Yi’s legs become weak and she kneels helplessly. She covers her face with her right hand in pain, feeling her eyes sour and astringent.From now on, it is never to see each other again.(Click below to read for free) Today’s temporary recommendation here, the recommendation is I have seen the absolute high quality oh!To see other types of book list recommendations, remember to click on the top right corner of the following!Also welcome to leave a comment like!You are the motivation of xiaobian, xiaobian will work harder and harder!Looking forward to your message.Pen fill ~ past good article sharing: ancient words: “Dad, I gave you a son-in-law to the door” Taifu flopping down on his knees: “Your Majesty pardon life” sweet pet: covered with blood jiuxi was Picked up by Lu Chen, since then he held in the palm of his hand, protect her I comprehensive illness jiao: “you don’t angry I will be lovely” he looked at the bloody eyes: who is the child?Disease jiao: “not allowed to bite again, very painful of” he strong embrace her into the bosom: mi mi, you want to be lovely dumb concubine enter the door 3 years have no pet, received a notice of disengagement but suddenly open the mouth “thank you wang Ye, walk not to send!”