The original version of the 2.4 version of the mountain and Sea eight pilgrimage activities, Day 6: the scorching song hundred rhymes

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The ninth day of the first month, quxie avoid disaster longevity.Big morning up, pudding bit (pen point coldplay) quickly update a “original God” 2.4 version of the mountain and sea eight pilgrimage activities in detail.From February 4th to February 8th, we have completed the Day1 snow Yinyujiahua@Longji Snow Mountain tour;Day 2 Far Island lonely mountain alone @ Lonely Cloud Pavilion and death Foreboding star trip;Day 3 A trip to Mengde City and Lyue PortDay 4 Amber Fairy Yue Qiyu @ Hu Lao Mountain tour;Day 5 Ogiwara Kawaguito-Kaeko Baijing @ Ogihuasu.Luhuachi had agreed to the request of Five hundred Tibetans to “take Master Ji to practice outside”.Seems Piper is taking Master Ji to see the Luhua Pool?Oh, so do it!: 30+30 rough stones, 20,000 mora, 4 star experience book X2, 3 star guide to gold X2, 3 star a piece of dark iron meteorite X3: Story flow needs to fight with burning tree, pay attention to the team (water element can break the shield quickly, do not bring 4 fire team oh).1. Teleport to the anchor point on the west side of Luhuachi and overlook Luhuachi in the distance. Master Ji and master Ji talked about the paintings that painter Vermeer gave to travelers before and also discussed the differences between photography and painting.2. Master Ji is very interested in flamboyant flower and wants one, so he talks directly to give it one from the backpack (if there is no backpack, go to get one now).3. Master Ji likes the warm flame flower very much, so he decided to take master Ji to see the biggest “flame flower”, which is the flame exploding tree nearby, as a practice for today.4. Came to the vicinity of the Yan Burst Tree and took photos for Master Ji after talking.Note that this time to burn the tree to enter from the cave below, to facilitate the continuation of the plot for ji mage photo.5. When Master Ji said it was hot near the burning tree, it turned out that Paramount wanted to explain why he took a picture of Master Ji instead of drawing, “that’s very sweet”.The next step for travelers is to “solve the heat source” and defeat the exploding tree.6. After defeating the burning tree, return to the previous position and have a conversation with Master Ji. Master Ji praises the traveler and wants to become such a powerful monster himself in the future.The above is a detailed explanation of the 8th mountain and sea Pilgrimage updated on Feb.9. Last night, there was only one last “spiritual practice” left. Guess where Will Piper take the little boy this time?Stay tuned for an update on February 10.# # the god