Give up the United States to join China, skiing genius Gu Ailing how cattle!Two gold MEDALS for China in three days

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“Skiing genius girl” Gu Ailing, the Chinese and American half-blood she played for China, has won two gold MEDALS for China in 3 days, and then only 15 years old she, why to give up the United States to join China?And how controversial was her choice?If you are interested, don’t forget to click “like”.In the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, among many athletes, there is an athlete who attracts much attention. Her appearance is likely to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games for China again. She is Gu Ailing, who is of Chinese and American heritage.As a young skier born after 2000, Gu Ailing was born in California of the United States. She was an excellent freestyle skier and won numerous honors in world-class competitions since she was young.At the age of 15, Gu officially announced on social media that she had become a Naturalized Chinese citizen and was selected to the Chinese national skiing team.However, the issue of Gu Ailing giving up her American citizenship to join China has aroused great controversy. As the saying goes, there are many people who are famous for wrong and wrong. As an excellent Gu Ailing is liked by more people, she has also aroused a lot of doubts and even made verbal attacks on Her.Gu, who became a Chinese citizen at the age of 15, in particular, will represent China in the Beijing Olympics.Many believe gu wants to gain more attention in order to make more money.The foreign media said that Gu could no longer live abroad, so she chose to come back to China. But is this really the case?In fact, if we know gu’s family, we know that the reason why Gu Would play for China is deeply influenced by her mother.Gu, who is of Chinese and American descent, is the daughter of Gu Yan, a former ski coach who is also managing the freestyle ski jumping and slopestyle teams at this year’s Winter Olympics.Gu And her mother are not only that, mother Gu Yan has never given up since childhood, and often takes Gu Back to Her hometown in Beijing for her export of Chinese culture. Now Gu Ailing can speak fluent Beijing dialect, and she is a real Beijing girl.Moreover, Gu’s choice to give up her American citizenship and play for China was made by her own initiative.Although she is still young, she has half of the Chinese blood in her body, which makes her want to make her own efforts for China.Gu Once said that another reason why she wanted to play for China was that she wanted to be worshipped in China. From this, it is not hard to see that Gu has a very competitive spirit.Although her choice brought a lot of negative comments to herself, Gu Did not take it to heart. She never cared about others’ opinions, but only cared about herself today, whether she worked harder and made more progress than yesterday.Such a self-discipline excellent, and looks sweet Gu Ailing, naturally become the “team pet” of the Winter Olympics.In fact, Gu Could be a student with excellent academic performance, because her father graduated from Harvard, her mother graduated from Peking University and Stanford university, and even her grandfather is a senior intellectual who graduated from Stanford.Gu, however, chose the more difficult path of skiing. She even gave up her US citizenship and volunteered to compete for China in the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, many people want to become a U.S. citizen. Gu Ailing, who had everything from birth, chose to give it up and fight for China instead of winning glory for the United States.Although Gu’s joining China has aroused great criticism, Gu, who loves China, has not been affected by these controversies, because she sincerely wants to win more honors for China through her own efforts.Gu Ailing, a skier who gave up her American citizenship to join China at the age of 15, will represent China at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Facts prove that Although Gu Ailing is young, but the strength is not common, known as the skiing genius girl, she has what kind of record?Gu Ailing grew up in an elite family. Her parents are intellectuals from Harvard and Stanford universities. Gu Yan’s mother once worked as a skiing coach in Beijing.In such an environment, Gu Did not choose the path of ordinary students with excellent grades, but deeply influenced by her mother, Gu Yan, finally chose the sport of skiing.Because her mother likes skiing, Gu Was often taken to the ski resort by her mother Gu Yan when she was 3 months old. Since then, Gu has planted a dream about skiing in her young heart.After the performance also proved that Gu Ailing does have a very high talent for skiing.It was not until gu was 3 years old that she got to ski for the first time.At the age of 3, she was able to skate carefully on skis with the help of her mother.Soon, gu’s genius began to shine.At the age of 4, Gu Could ski with her mother and freely shuttle through the woods.Gu’s progress was so rapid that even her instructor at the time could tell she had grown tired of basic skiing.So while other kids are still afraid of snowboarding, Gu is already practicing slalom turns and learning faster, even faster than some adults.As gu grew older, her talent became more and more outstanding. By the age of eight, Gu was the only girl on a professional ski team in Lake Tahoe.Less than a year into the team, Gu won the Junior freestyle title at the age of nine, and went on to win the JUNIOR championships in the United States consecutively, ranking first overall.At the age of 11, she won the U.S. Under 13, steeplechase and all-around silver medal.At the age of 11, gu won the gold medal of the Us under 13, slopestyle and the silver medal of the all-around. Until the age of 13, Gu began to compete in the adult group and has won more than 50 gold MEDALS so far.At the age of 15, Gu Decided to give up her American citizenship and join China to fight for China.Later, Gu competed for China in the Youth Olympic Games and won two gold MEDALS and one silver medal for China, proving her strength to the world with her outstanding achievements.In the preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing also completed the world’s first women’s ski “double somersaults and four twists”, her strength is also known to all.At 9:30 am on February 7, Gu Ailing made her debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics in the women’s freestyle ski platform qualification.Despite her minor missteps, Gu resisted the pressure and made it to the final to win the gold medal.Gu Ailing wins gold in Winter Olympics!In front of the camera, Gu Ailing is always so sunny and optimistic, which is the first impression she leaves on many people. We are also looking forward to her performance in the next competition.”In the name of love, top gun”, talented young skier Gu Ailing gave up her American citizenship to join China, making her performance in the Beijing Winter Olympics more anticipated.Is Gu’s success really all about her talent?In fact, it is more from the usual hard training, and the courage to break through.At the age of 15, Gu Has already won numerous professional awards as her goal in life. Is it really all talent for Gu to achieve such achievements?In fact, Gu’s success is no accident.Although Gu Lived in a very good family and her intelligence was given to her by her parents, all her achievements came from her efforts. At a young age, Gu has a strong sense of self-discipline, which is a very rare quality among many children of the same age.When it comes to skiing, she never needs a reminder from her family. She has her own schedule, which clearly plans when to eat, train, study and go to bed.Gu not only makes good plans, but also strictly follows the schedule and demands herself day after day, which puts her parents, who are both excellent students, to shame.Gu Ailing competition process and skiing training, originally is a boring process, not only boring, often fall down and hurt that is more common.Treating skiing training, Gu Ailing every time is very concerned.As soon as she starts to practice a new move, she will try it on the trampoline, and then she will practice on the special foam platform, and then she will actually jump on the ski platform.Even so, Gu always gets injured in training, but she enjoys the training very much. For her, nothing makes her happier than to complete a new movement and make greater progress.Gu’s self-discipline is also reflected in her study. With heavy training and preparation for the Winter Olympics, Gu reduced her 4-year high school curriculum to 3 years and began to study by herself.Self-study tests a person’s willpower the most, but Gu Is very hard. She studies and trains at the same time. When she is not training, Gu uses spare time to study.And got an excellent score of 1580 out of 1600.There is no denying that Gu is born with intelligence, but self-discipline and hard work are also crucial.And because Gu was good at skiing, she didn’t give up her other pursuits.Gu Ailing, an outstanding student, loves many sports such as football, cross-country running, horse riding and rock climbing. Even in hot summer, Gu can insist on running for 40 minutes every day.In addition, Gu Loves to be a model. She has the courage to break through herself and try new things, which is one of the reasons why She is so excellent.The reason why a lot of people like GuAiLing, except her innate family, appearance, talent, and her discipline and hard work, it is because the GuAiLing forge ahead, have the courage to break through yourself, let the whole of China, is getting to know the good girl, no matter how far the winter Olympics final grades, GuAiLing are worthy of our respect and learning, do you think?