Gorgeous ancient style, zhaodu water town stunning attack

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Through zhaodu water town scenic area rows of pavilions rising from the ground buildings seem to be able to see thousands of years ago that countless prosperous and glory walk during the subtle exploration and taste zhaodu water town ingenuity and beauty to open the door to welcome visitors,Push the window to send blessing zhao Du water town is also permeated with the joy of the Spring Festival everywhere the eye is year after year of auspicious close look display center on both sides of the couplets “invite spring and Autumn, warring States clouds, tell the story of Zhao;Borrow qin Que brick, Han Palace tile, Hong Zhangshui town style “outline the magnificent outline of Zhao culture” Huunzuanjian, burn one’s Bridges, perfect bi zhao……”The wall full of thousand-character characters will be handan for thousands of years or passionate generous, or tragic and stirring angry legend story to the national treasure forever, civilization mutual learning, experience new……Every culture a wall at the same time, every picture period reflect the passion and the age of the zhao had water town project is located in handan city proper fertilizer township area east, west, adjacent to handan eastern suburb forest park, planning and design business, creative and leisure, folk entertainment, culture, life form a complete set of five functional partition, plans to become national 4 a level scenic spots,To build a comprehensive cultural tourism resort integrating cultural experience, food enjoyment, folk entertainment, commercial leisure, health and recreation.Project fully tap wen-hua zhao handan deep connotation, through cultural display, interactive experience, situation and creative technology for performing arts, and the fusion of tourism and leisure and business forms, Zhao Wen into core, the construction and water system landscape as the basement, in handan cultural roots, for clues to build a cultural system, with antique construction as the carrier, with water town texture features,Handan culture into the architecture, landscape, atmosphere, through the cultural tour landscape landing, to create a number of highlights, to build a colorful zhaodu water town landscape.Source: Micro fertilizer township Responsible editor: Wang Jieren