Judicial love, Litigation “no obstacle”

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On February 9, Zhenlai Court received two special parties. Although it was just a simple divorce dispute case, communication was blocked for a time due to the fact that both parties of the original defendant were deaf-mute and emotional.Upon learning of the situation, the staff immediately opened a green channel for the disabled to provide them with legal assistance and fully protect their litigation rights.After the acceptance of the case, the Court of Zhenlai invited lu Guoshu, a sign language teacher for deaf education, as an interpreter, in order to facilitate the full exercise of litigation rights of the original defendant and the smooth communication in mediation, so as to facilitate the understanding of the case and the demands of both parties.Mediation, the mediator slow down before litigation, the patient asked the case, to control the rhythm of mediation, sign language teacher patiently relayed by hand gestures and body language to the parties, the mediator and translation before v. teacher under the unremitting efforts of the whole process of mediation, normative, orderly and humane to overcome communication barriers, to ensure that the special mediation smoothly.In recent years, the town of adlai was in charge the court through the establishment of the term “disabled persons” litigation green channel, to the disabled the parties to provide door-to-door service, to carry out the disability rights safeguard the rule of law publicity and so on many measures, actively respond to people with disabilities legal requirements, efforts to practice justice for the people objective, with practical action to reveal the judicial humanistic care, really do it justice there is love, litigation “clear”.Source: Zhenlai Court author: Xu Ying Editor-in-chief: Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor: Chuhui