There is love!A 70-year-old man in Changsha has been taking care of his 90-year-old neighbor for three years

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Sanxiang Metropolis daily February 15 news (article/video all media reporter Tian Tian intern Ouyang Ningke high wisdom) “I only 74 years old, I am still young.She is not my family, but I will always take care of her.”Zi Yuan community, Hou Jiatang Street, Yuhua District, Changsha city, has such a warm story.The story centers on liao Yongzhan, 74, and his neighbor Lu Chuanhua, 92.Because of a promise, Liao Yongzhan obligation to take care of Lu Chuanhua for 3 years.Today, on the Lantern Festival, Yuan Ri, deputy secretary of zi Yuan Community Party Committee, sent tangyuan to the two elderly people.As soon as Liao Yongzhan received the dumplings, he went to Lu Chuanhua’s home immediately to share the joy of reunion with her.”I’m still young and I’ll take care of her.” “Grandma Lu, dumplings are coming. Come and eat them!”Before walking into Lu Chuanhua’s house, Liao Yongzhan shouted at the door.Lu chuanhua is old and somewhat deaf, and the sudden entrance of so many people would scare her if she didn’t shout in advance.Careful as silk Liao Yongzhan of Lu Chuanhua home has been familiar with the way, neatly took out the chopsticks at home, set the table for Lu Chuanhua.Lu Chuanhua, who always liked a lively scene, also narrowed his eyes and welcomed everyone to sit down and enjoy the dumplings.Lu Chuanhua was originally from Sichuan province. When he was young, he came to Changsha to work and settled down there.She worked hard with her husband and endured hardships.Fortunately, the family is happy, the son is obedient filial piety, as time goes by, the son also formed a small family belonging to their own.When Lu Chuanhua should have enjoyed the happiness of his children and grandchildren, his son and daughter-in-law and unborn grandson died of carbon monoxide poisoning, leaving only Lu Chuanhua.When the community learned of Lu chuanhua’s situation, it contacted Liao Yongzhan, the party secretary of the changling community’s Second branch, asking him to help find a Party member to take care of Lu.”Keep the change. I’m not very old and I live close by. I’ll take care of the old.”Understand the deeds of Lu Chuanhua, when liao Yongzhan was already in his 70s to take care of Lu Chuanhua’s responsibility, a insist is 3 years.”Not family, but more like family” to buy vegetables, buy medicine, do housework……In 3 years, Liao Yongzhan everything, and his intentions also for lu Chuanhua unconditional trust.Lu chuanhua handed over all his keys to Liao Yongzhan and his retirement fund.”She had a lot of faith in me, and I remember that friendship.”Liao Yongzhan said that he had been used to taking care of Grandma Lu every day, “every day I have to go to Grandma Lu’s home, to feel at ease.””Grandma Lu stumbled at home yesterday and I wanted to show her, but she kept saying it was fine.I’ve been up all night worrying, and now I’m relieved to see her sitting comfortably here.”Liao Yongzhan told reporters that after a few years of getting along, he had already put Lu Chuanhua as a family member in his heart.In the future, as long as my health is good, I will always take care of Lu Chuanhua.[Editor: Hu Yuanyuan][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]