Xi ‘an University of Finance and Economics held the 2022 Annual mobilization of scientific research Project application and national project application Tutorial meeting

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Recently, xi ‘an university of finance and organized scientific research project declaration, 2022 edition, mobilization and national scientific research project declaration has invited national social science fund project chief expert, little right of suzhou university doctoral tutor professor feng, national social science fund project chief expert, xi ‘an university of finance and economics statistics dean professor Zhang Weiqun tutoring for school teachers lecture.Wu Wangyan, vice president of the school, attended the meeting and gave a pep speech. Nearly 700 people attended the meeting, including the heads of scientific research, scientific research secretaries and teachers who plan to apply for the 2022 National Social Science Fund projects.Wu Wangyan pointed out in his speech at the mobilization meeting for the application of scientific research projects on January 19 that national projects are of great significance. He hoped that everyone should improve their standing, correct understanding and do a good job in the application.The leaders in charge of the secondary units and the project applicants should first do a good job in the topic selection planning, carefully analyze the national project declaration guidelines, and choose the topic from the national perspective and the height of the national strategic policy.Second, it is necessary to do a good job in the accumulation and sorting of early achievements, systematically comb the existing achievements around the project topic selection, scientifically plan the output methods and forms of future achievements, and overall optimize the cumulative and stepped project declaration strategy;Third, the team should be optimized to carry out organized scientific research. The team should not only consider the combination optimization of early achievements, but also consider the optimization of the age and professional structure of members. It should also be more open to accept external members, especially the researchers with strong practical departments.Fourth, it is necessary to extensively read literature and collect data to lay a foundation for project demonstration and prepare for the advancement of future scientific research.The Scientific Research Office briefly reported the progress, main achievements and important highlights of 2021 university scientific research project to all the participating members in the mobilization meeting.The major projects of the National Social Science Fund have made a historic breakthrough.The approved projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation and the special projects of the Ministry of Education for humanities and Social Science, ideology and Politics have achieved a new breakthrough in the category of similar projects approved by the school.After the meeting, Professor Quan Xiaofeng, chief expert of major projects of National Social Science Fund, doctoral supervisor of Soochow University and “Yanta scholar” of Soochow University, was invited to deliver the first lecture of this series of counseling lectures.Professor right from the project characteristics, review direction argumentation paradigm, expected results, and compares the national social science fund and country since the foundation of distinction, alert teachers by the characteristics of the project, to achieve the target, and from the project general situation, topic selection, argumentation, summarizes four aspects has carried on the declaration of counseling, detailed and meticulous.At the same time, the participating teachers asked questions about the problems encountered in the application process. The participants actively communicated with each other, the venue atmosphere was warm, and the lecture effect was good. The peak attendance of Tencent Conference was more than 400 people.On the evening of January 24th, Professor Zhang Weiqun was invited to deliver the second lecture of this series.Professor Zhang analyzed the new changes, new trends and new characteristics of the national Social Science Fund projects in recent years, and talked about the new changes that economic disciplines can participate in the application of the National Natural Science Fund in 2022, and the project approval rate of youth continues to be high.And from the topic selection, content and framework design, innovation, expected results and team composition of the five aspects of the detailed analysis of the national project declaration process.At the same time, we encouraged everyone to apply hard, insist, and patiently and carefully answered the questions from young teachers. The peak attendance of Tencent conference was close to 300 people.Epidemic prevention and control for the implementation of the provinces and cities and the school each work deployment, resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war, school of scientific research in the December 28 to the entire school scientific research personnel “to xi ‘an university of finance and economics and scientific research of all members of the initiative, called for the school all scientific research personnel action, together with the city’s people, working together, spend the difficulties, strive to epidemic prevention disease resistance,To take concrete actions to implement the “suspension of classes and continuous research”, “epidemic prevention and control and scientific research simultaneously”.All the second-level units also actively mobilized and took the initiative to carry out the preparation work for national project application in a tight and orderly manner:In early January, the School of Management held the “2022 High-level Science Fund Application Promotion Meeting of the School of Management”, inviting five experts from inside and outside the school to guide the key applicants from the aspects of scientific research interest, scientific research feelings, scientific research basis, direction condensed, application skills and matters for attention, etc.The Law School has planned and made scientific arrangements for the applicants and work progress of the 2022 national projects and the Projects of the Ministry of Education in advance, and carried out five demonstrations within the school. The project application has entered the stage of one-to-one and one-to-many special counseling, and experts from outside the school will be invited to make intensive demonstrations in the later stage.According to the introduction, the lecture series of the national project application counseling Meeting is one of the phased work of the university to promote high-level science fund projects, aiming to lay a foundation for the subsequent project application and create a good scientific research atmosphere.The Scientific research Office of the University will continue to follow up the whole process of the application of national projects, and strive to improve the number and quality of the application of high-level scientific research projects of the university, and strive to promote the scientific research work of the university to a new level.While winning the battle of COVID-19, the university will make due contributions to the continuous and steady improvement of its scientific research strength.(Correspondent: Luo Nan, Xi ‘an University of Finance and Economics)