Assassinations and sabotage, Revelations of Israel’s shadow operation, mossad’s successful infiltration into Iran

2022-07-09 0 By

The special forces have long been a mysterious presence, carrying out espionage, assassination and sabotage missions that are beyond the reach of the normal military.The world’s four largest intelligence agencies are Israel’s Mossad, the CIA, Russia’s FSB and Britain’s MI6.We’re going to talk about one of them today, Israel’s Mossad.Recently, a plan of action was published in the Western media.As is known to all, the Iranian nuclear issue is a big worry for the United States, Israel and other Western countries. How to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons has become a big problem for western countries.Israel, in particular, as a country very close to Iran as the crow flies, cannot tolerate Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.During the negotiations, Israel repeatedly warned Iran that it would use force to destroy its nuclear facilities.But Iran is not a soft target, and Israel can play ball with it.Following Israel’s warning, Iran showed off its missiles with a military exercise.With Iran’s missile force as a deterrent, Israel will find it hard to win over Iran.In order to prevent Iran from conducting nuclear tests, Israel has come up with a way to solve the Iranian nuclear problem through special operations.According to Greek media reports, Israel’s Mossad has carried out shadow operations against Iran, including espionage, assassinations and sabotage against its nuclear programme.Israeli intelligence is said to have launched a covert campaign of espionage, sabotage and assassinations targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities and those who operate them.And Israel has made it clear that it will do whatever it takes to ensure its own security, and that Tel Aviv is willing to be more aggressive in dealing with the threat posed by Iran.In fact, Israel has a long history of using unusual means against Iran, and mossad has already infiltrated Iran, according to the Western media.Mossad was implicated in the July 2020 fire at the Natanz nuclear facility.They have infiltrated the Iranian supply chain and taken the opportunity to sell defective materials to Iran.In the process of conducting nuclear tests in Iran, there have been many accidents.They also prevented Iran from obtaining high-quality enriched uranium by using drones to strike Iran’s Centrifuge Technology company.Mossad has also carried out assassinations of Iranian scientists working on the nuclear program to prevent Iran from acquiring the core technology for a nuclear weapon.And these assassinations are becoming more brazen.As for The Israelis, their machiachian approach will earn them a lot of criticism around the world and may even have a negative impact on the Iran nuclear deal under negotiation, making Iran even angrier and ultimately leading to the failure of the Vienna talks.(shape)