UNIT affordable, low fuel consumption, 100 km fuel consumption 6.1

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In appearance, UNI-T2.0T still adopts the borderless net design on the front face, which is very sci-fi and avant-garde under the ultra large size of the front face. The two sides of the lamp group adopts split design, and the long and sharp LED daily running light gives the front face full aggression.The front lip is decorated with bright decorative strips to further enhance the sports atmosphere of the vehicle.In addition, the new car also provides a decorative strip scheme, car door trim, sports surround kit, spoiler trim and other decorative parts, to meet the personalized needs of users.On the side of the body, the new car is positioned as a compact SUV. The smooth stretch of the body line with the design of multi-section waist line shapes the body to be very slender and straight, without any sense of compact. The wide body design at the lower part of the door panel and wheel eyebrow gives the body a full sense of power.The rear part of the car, large sliding back design with sharp shape of the sports rear wing, fully show the sense of sports beauty and performance, for the overall appearance of a lot of additional points.In addition, the 2.0T version of the car offers two rear style options, one is similar to the 1.5T version of the dual-chip rear spoiler, rear surround design is relatively common.The other is a more radical and dynamic rear wing with an exaggerated undergirding. Orange trim is used to decorate the interior. The interior design of UNI-T2.0 responds to the dynamic and radical design style of the exterior, which combines the sense of technology and sport.The large dual-screen design and flat-bottom steering wheel create a rich technological atmosphere and broaden the horizontal vision of the car.More orange trim strips were added to the car, and orange elements were added to the sewing process to inject a strong sporty atmosphere into the car.Our shop provides many value-added services, if you want to get more benefits of Changan UNI-T, or to know more quotations of Changan models, please call us directly or leave your phone number, I will call you back within 30 minutes.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)