Students are asked to draw ‘weightless water’ on the first day of the central Art Exam

2022-07-10 0 By

The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) will hold its 2022 undergraduate recruitment online exam on Feb 26.More than 13,000 students applied for four exams in three majors: Art Design, Urban Art Design and Art Theory.This year’s “hand-painted expression” of urban Art and Design major requires examinees to draw “weightless water”.Astronaut Wang Yaping performs several experiments related to water in weightlessness, including “water film experiment in Space” and “water balloon Demonstration”, during the “Tiangong Class” on The Chinese space Station on December 9, 2021.The subject limits the examinee to use “weightless water” as the main body of the picture. The picture must be monochrome with no restrictions on tools.In addition, art and Design students will be asked to redesign the concept of “climate clock” based on their understanding of the climate crisis facing humanity.Students majoring in art theory should submit a virtual curation plan based on relevant works in the art textbooks of middle school.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Wang Guangyan process editor: TF021