Increase knowledge!Why is spring rain as expensive as oil

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“Spring rain is as precious as oil.”Rain water is the second solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.During this period, temperatures rose, snow melted and precipitation increased.What are the characteristics of rainwater solar term?Which solar terms are related to water?Why is spring rain as expensive as oil?Meteorological, agricultural experts for you “rain water”.Chen Xin, a researcher at the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Jiang Xiaodong, an associate professor at the School of Applied Meteorology at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, said that when it comes to rain water, the sun’s direct point is closer to the equator from the southern hemisphere.At this time, the overall trend of the national climate is a transition from cold in late winter to warm in early spring.In most parts of the country, the snow is over. Rain has begun and temperatures are rising, but the rain is still mainly drizzle.After the rain arrived, the temperature in most parts of China rose to above 0 degrees Celsius, with the average daily temperature in the Huang-Huai plain reaching about 3 degrees Celsius and the South of The Yangtze River reaching about 5 degrees Celsius.But at this time the atmospheric circulation is in the adjustment stage, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, warm and cold, is also one of the most cold wave of the year.In addition to rain, there are many solar terms reflecting climate characteristics.For example, grain rain, light snow, heavy snow also reflect precipitation or snow phenomenon.White dew, cold dew and frost’s descent reflect the condensation and condensation of water vapor.”The so-called spring rain is as expensive as oil, which means the importance of spring rainfall to agricultural production.”Chen Xin introduced that overwintering crops in the winter seedling body is small, slow growth, water demand is not large, generally winter drought on normal growth is not much.However, before and after the rain season, the growth of crops is gradually vigorous, and the water demand is gradually increased. At this time, drought can easily affect the growth and yield.Winter wheat, for example, needs more water when it is green and growing, so spring rain is as precious as oil.Similar proverbs are “rain rain crops good, spring and spring a treasure” “water storage such as store grain, water enough grain full” and so on.”When the rain ‘seven nine river open, nine nine wild goose’, and then to the ‘nine nine plus nineteen, cattle walk everywhere’, is a scenery at the beginning of spring.That means the transition from winter to spring is underway or has already been completed in many parts of the country.Urged by the spring breeze and rain, the earth will gradually take on a busy scene of spring ploughing.”Jiang xiaodong said.Source: Xinhua Editor: He Canling