Sichuan forest firefighters stick to their posts to guard the lights of thousands of families

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The original title:A circle, circle Sichuan forest fire fighters to guard wanjiadenghuo chengdu sichuan news network – first screen news on February 1 (reporter Zhangyu photojournalism), the Spring Festival is a Chinese underneath festival, another year the Spring Festival, because of a responsibility to give up with family reunions, silently stand on jobs, sichuan forest fire fighting force,He played the chorus of “For everyone, don’t go home”.Guardian lights, is the way of their New Year’s day, because it is fire commanders, combat readiness is their duty, the more important holiday, the more can’t relax vigilance, alert to the motherland is their solemn oath, their shadow shuttle in the forest, on the snow-capped mountains, glaciers, they rush about, on the way to carry patrol and protect the way we practice, fire prevention propaganda way,On the way to help people out.Stay on duty all the time, protect every important scenic spot, key forest areas and areas with frequent fire and fire hazards, and always be the night watchman of the People and the Party.Jintang county garrison team around an old farmer said excitedly to the reporter: “they are the reassurance of our people ah, with them, we can feel at ease in a good year!”Painted to meet the rising sun and return with the bright moon, the orange figures who stick to their posts melt into the trees, embed in the landscape and compose the crowd, forming a series of unique “New Year paintings” of the Spring Festival.(Zhang Yu) Source: Sichuan News Network