What exactly is a capsule collection?Which brand do you prefer in the Year of the Tiger capsule series?

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Hello, I’m professing craigslist menswear Siri, “the province province, the flower is my consumption idea, don’t answer timing out article solve value friends dress problem, strategy, new product, wear a plan all have different opinions, let us together to save money youdao, dress material, so far I have men columns in style, more piece, the authors,If you like, you can move your attention.The word “Capsule Collection” has been popping up so often in recent years that it might be mistaken for reading a medical column.In fact, this “capsule” is not that “capsule”.”Capsule” is also derived from “capsule wardrobe” to “capsule collection”, last century in the 1970s, a Grocery store owner in London SUSIE Fox first used the term “capsule wardrobe”, which is the origin of the series.Capsule wardrobe is a collection of classic pieces, with the simple idea of choosing fewer, better quality pieces to simplify your everyday wardrobe.”In 1985, SUSIE Fox launched her first capsule collection, which consisted of seven interchangeable workplace fashion items: a bodysuit, a skirt, a blouse, a coat, a jacket, a pair of pants, and an evening dress.Since then, the term “capsule collection” has appeared in Marie Claire, Elle and other fashion magazines, and began to explicitly refer to classic pieces that are wearable and fashion-proof.During the same period, many brands introduced their own iconic styles, such as Ralph Lauren’s Polo shirts and Levi’s “Engineered Jeans” line.In the “capsule series” more and more now, perhaps the lack of some “classic”, but from the perspective of fashion, “capsule series” really achieved “less and essence”.The arrival of the Year of the Tiger, the major brands also racking their brains, released the Year of the Tiger New Year “capsule” series.BALENCIAGABALENCIAGA’s year of the Tiger 2022 collection includes ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.Some items such as socks, jackets, shirts, etc., have been re-interpreted with orange tiger pattern, and animal pattern has become a popular style again.In addition, the new BALENCIAGA logo, inspired by a tiger on the run, features a silhouette of a roaring tiger, which is printed on hoodies, T-shirts, backpacks, purses, hats and more, echoing this season’s theme.To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, JIL SANDER, known for its minimalist style, has released a collection of tiger prints, all in the same hand-painted style. The interesting thing is that different pieces use different poses of the tiger.Crawl half horizontal stance horizontal posture alexanderwangalexanderwang is 2022 the year of the tiger to build the new capsule series, the following is a classic silk embroidered with custom design of tiger series, pure silk material and embroidery craft blessings, they price also let me tiger body a shock.Louboutin launches the 2022 Chinese Year of the Tiger capsule collection, which is full of youthful orange and the shape of Louboutin sneakers perfect fit.FUN LOUIS JUNIOR red soled shoes with mirror laser patent interwoven LOUBOUTIN signature, signature rivets embellished toe for style.Nowadays, there are endless “capsule series”, and everyone has a different understanding of them.For a worker like me, versatile solid colors are more capsule.